DEC 19

DEC 19

Wow, another blog. Let’s hope it doesn’t crash this time.
Started my day around 4:30am, got ready, and headed for YVR. Within 10 minutes of arriving at the airport, I had my bag checked, and my boarding pass in hand. Security went smoothly, and after I was cleared of not having any explosives or weapons in my bag, I went for a bite to eat.
I headed to my gate, and found a nice set of comfy couches. I decided I should plug my phone and laptop in to charge, in case of there not being any power outlets on the plane. There happened to be an outlet right next to my couch, on a pillar. After a few minutes of having it plugged in, I realized that the plug wasn’t actually producing any power, so I began to source for another plug. Spotting one 10 feet away from where I was, I began to move over there, but I realized that the chairs over there didn’t look anywhere near as comfy as the couch thing I had been sitting on was. So in an effort to maintain my comfort level, I began to drag the couch across the airport to be closer to the plug. I pushed it several feet, while a few people looked on at me. After I got close enough for my charger to reach, I settled back in, and got my inflight entertainment ready. Boarding commenced shortly after 8:30 for my flight from Vancouver to Ixtapa. I got on and found my window seat near the back. I had noticed that there was heavy rain outside, with a little bit of snow mixed in. A man came and sat next to me, but after they announced that boarding had completed, he moved to an empty row of seats, which was nice. The weather outside had now turned from rain, to mostly snow; heavy snow. I could see it accumulating on the wings, and knew that we wouldn’t be heading straight for the runway. After sitting there for a while, they finally came on the PA and announced that due to the snow, we would have to go and de-ice, but that would still be a while. They anticipated that it could be over an hour in line, and then another 15 for the procedure. Somehow, the pilot said that he was able to get us moved up in the que for de-icing. Not sure how he was able to do that, maybe he’s in a relationship with the controller or something. I can’t remember the exact timing of everything, but we sat there for a long time in line, finally got sprayed with the de-icing fluid, and then sat in another line for the runway. After sitting there, we lined up, and went full throttle, hurling down the runway. Halfway down, and at takeoff speeds, there was some commotion with the aircraft and the pilot threw the brakes on, aborting the takeoff. I wouldn’t find out until later, that one of the front tires had actually exploded while accelerating! All the pilot knew at this point, was that the plane was pulling to the left. We pulled off of the runway, and sat for a long time. The airport fire department eventually arrived, and did a full walk around of the plane. We sat there for over an hour I’d say, and then were escorted back to the gate by the fire trucks, a process which took over an hour, due to congestion, and waiting for an available gate. The initial release was that we would be returning to the gate for fuel, and an inspection by maintenance. After another hour or so of sitting, we were finally told we would be getting off and would receive meal vouchers, and that a new aircraft should be dispatched to take us somewhere a lot warmer than where we were. The snow had stopped, so I couldn’t forecast any further problems that we’d encounter. I’m speeding things up a lot, but from the time I got on, until I got off, I had been on that plane for about 5 hours! Finally off the plane now, we had all been gathered back at the gate that we had originally checked in at. After some waiting around, the agents made the announcement that this flight had been cancelled, and we had no way of getting to Mexico today. We would all be rebooked on a flight tomorrow morning, everyone would receive a meal voucher, and non-locals would be given a hotel room. The lady then said that we would need to go through customs; funny, as we barely got a few feet off of the ground, let alone out of the country. She pointed to where we needed to go, and of course, I was the first one through that set of doors, because I don’t like to waste time or stand in long lines. I quickly did my declaration, dealt with an unfriendly border guard who had many pointless questions, and then claimed my bag. I made it to the Air Canada desk to claim my meal voucher, which I was third in line for; because hey, who wouldn’t hurry for a free meal!? Got my voucher, used it in the airport, and headed for the Canada line, which would take me to Waterfront to catch the big train home. Not the best start to my vacation, not even a start really, seeing as I’m returning home until tomorrow. The most annoying part, is that with the time I spent at the airport, I could’ve made it to Ixtapa. Heavy snow on the way home, looks like it has just started out here. My friend Andrés sent me this picture of Ixtapa, where it’s 33˚C! That’s like 30˚ warmer than here! Hoping tomorrow goes better than today, and that I can actually make it to the beach.
My flight made it onto the news tonight, scroll down to see the video of it.

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