DEC 21

DEC 21

View from our deck

Woke up around 10 local time. The housekeeper had prepared breakfast, and I’m not really sure what it was. It was like an English muffin kind of as the base, with some meat, cheese, cream and a few other things. It was different, as I don’t eat that for breakfast at home, but it was cool. We also finished off the timbits I brought, a nice morning snack. It will be 31˚C and sunny today. Facetimed with Mom, where she showed me the snow and ice outside. Ha! We headed to the pool for an hour, and then hopped on their family boat. We set course, and headed out. After a little bit of riding, they threw a floaty thing into the water. It was sort of like an inner-tube, but for three people. I was told that it was my turn to go, so I followed Andrés to the stern of the vessel. The thing we sit on was already in the water, a short distance from the boat. I assumed that it would be pulled closer so we could get on, but apparently not. Next thing I know, Andrés is jumping into water, and I am being told to do the same. So I lept off of the edge, plunging into the warm, salt water sea, making my way to the tube. We rode for about 10 minutes or, and it was really fun. After the rest of the family had a turn, we rode as near to the beach as the boat allowed, and summoned some guy on a jet ski to take us in to the beach. We ate at a restaurant in the sand, which was in Playa La Ropa. I had fish tacos, fish fillet, rice, and a few other things we all shared; It was my first “Mexican” meal of the trip. After about an hour and a half, we left the restaurant, and walked back to the shore. The man on the jet ski was nowhere to be found, so I was told that we’d have to swim. So off I went, swimming back to the boat. Upon arrival, I pulled myself up the ladder, and relaxed on the bow of the boat, where I had a small nap on our way back to the house. We got back and played a tennis like sport for a short while, but Daniela (Andrés’ sister) and I preferred to sit on the sidelines and watch Andrés play against Daniela’s friend, who is also staying with us. Relaxed on my bed for a while, wrote the blog, and then had a lovely cena (dinner) prepared by Fernanda (Andrés’ Mom). She made quesadillas; some with meat, and some with just queso (cheese). Stayed in the rest of the evening, which was nice, I needed some down time.

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