DEC 22

DEC 22

Woke up at 7:30 this morning to go biking! We drove to a small place where you can rent bicycles, and set off on the bike path. I’m not really sure of the geography there, but it  took us mostly through a park where crocodiles occupy the waters. Gregor Robertson would love these bike lanes. maybe I could show him the lagoon with the crocs (insert eyeroll). After that, we went to a place for breakfast, which was right next to the bike rental shop. I had Eggs Benedict with hash browns; it was really nice.
We had a brief table side magic show in the restaurant, and then headed back to the house. After having a quick swim, we loaded up the van, and headed for Pátzcuaro, a city which is on the way to Morelia (where Andrés lives). In the centre of the city, they have a large nativity scene set up for Christmas. We had lunch in a place where I had some Mexican rice, Uchepos and Corundas. We walked around for a bit after, got some ice cream which is famous to that city, and headed for Morelia. It is only around an hour or so from where we were, but we we had driven for around 4 hours from Ixtapa to Pátzcuaro, so it was a long day of driving. Got to the house and settled into the guest bedroom. Went for a drive around the neighbourhood with Andrés, and then went to a party at his friend’s house, just down the way from us. Came back, wrote the blog, and relaxed after a long day.

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  1. Kameyo Melina

    OMG, you are eating food I’ve never eaten or even heard of! I love that the food here is so regional – what you get in one city you ca’t get in another. I’ve been eating ceviche (available most places) and salbutes and sopa de limón, typical of the peninsula region.

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