DEC 24

DEC 24

Went out for breakfast with Andrés to a restaurant with a nice view. It was buffet style, with various different options. Drove around for a bit, came home and relaxed. It was around 28˚C here today, and I laughed when I saw the forecast for home; 0˚C with snow on the way. HA!
For some bewildering reason, Andrés doesn’t carry keys to his house, instead, he uses the garage door opener to gain entry into the garage, and then enters the house from there. For another bewildering reason, he took the garage door opener inside the night before and had left it in his room, so we had no way of getting into the house after we got back from our outing. Nobody was home, so he suggested we wait in the backyard for his Dad to arrive home. After a few minutes of waiting, I decided that I was going to get us inside. Me being a keener, and having lived in Maple Ridge for most of my life, I figured I had learned a thing or two about breaking and entering. Within 30 seconds of leaving the backyard, I was inside, a pleasant surprise to Andrés. We relaxed for most of the afternoon, and left the house around 6:30. We went to church for about 45 minutes, then to Andrés’ Grandmas house (Mom’s side) for about 25 minutes for a brief visit. We went there to say hello, because the dinner was for the Dad’s side of the family. We went to the place where the dinner was being held, not really sure how to describe it. Maybe like a small hall, enough for about 50 people, with a courtyard out back. I’m writing this at 3am because I know people depend on these blogs to survive the day, so please excuse my lack of detail. There was a gift exchange between the cousins, to which I was included in. Later, there was a gag gift exchange for everybody, where we all sat in a circle, and rolled a large dice. If the dice said “Yes”, we got to choose a present from the middle of the room, if it said “No”, we stayed seated. I got one gift. After all of the presents had been taken, we went around again, following the same process, but instead of grabbing from the middle, you stole someone else’s gift. I stole one, and had it stolen later, leaving me with the gift that I had chosen earlier. It ended up being some mason jar type thing, but it wasn’t too bad. One of the gag gifts that Andrés’ Mom had brought, were bread shoes. She bought two loafs of bread, and cut them to look like slippers or shoes, and enclosed them in a shoe box. Sounds like something Connie would do? Haha. We didn’t eat until after midnight, but the pasta, turkey, and other things were tasty. Sat around and mingled for a while after, and also watched the kids smash a Piñata. Didn’t leave until after 2am. Talked with a lot of people, and had a nice time.

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