DEC 25

DEC 25

After a long night, and not getting to sleep until after 3:30, I slept till around 10. I had a shower, and then came out to the kitchen, where everyone but Andrés was sitting, he was still sleeping. Andrés, his sister, and I all had one gift waiting for us under the tree, as the main gift exchange happened yesterday. When he came down, he opened his gift; I opened mine before he awoke. I got a nice shirt, and Andrés a pair of shoes. His mom had prepared some sort of soup with beef in it for breakfast, but warned me that I may not like it, and shouldn’t feel pressured to eat it. I had a few bites, and decided that it wasn’t for me. Andrés didn’t care for it either, so I wasn’t the only one. She said I could have eggs, so I offered to make them. I thought I put enough oil in the pan, but as I tried to flip the fried egg, of course it had to bunch up and not turn over properly. Ended up turning out fine. Relaxed for an hour, and then headed out with the whole family to a movie. They have a VIP card, which gives us access to many things. The first thing, was a ticket counter with no lineup. We were treated to lazy-boy recliners, a menu at the arm rest, with a “call button” for in seat service. There was also a small lamp next to my armrest, and I thought that pushing the button I saw would power on the lamp so I could read the menu better. I pressed it, and the button lit up, but the lamp did not illuminate. What did illuminate, though, was the device that the waitress was wearing, alerting her that someone was summoning her to their seat. So over she began to walk, and luckily retreated after I shook my head and waved her off. We watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, a remake of the original staring Robin Williams. This one starred The Rock, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black. It was good, and was presented in English with Spanish subtitles. After the movie, we went back to the same place as we went for yesterday’s dinner, this time, for the leftovers. There weren’t as many people as the night before though. After being there for a bit, we came home, relaxed, and then I went out with Andrés and a friend for Tacos. Definitely a different Dec 25th than I’m used to, but it was cool.Getting up at 7 tomorrow, and going to Guadalajara for the day.

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