DEC 26

DEC 26

Straggled out of bed around 6:45, got ready, and left the house just after 7:30 for Guadalajara!
It took us a few hours to get there, and we arrived just before 11. Andrés’ Dad dropped us off somewhere, as he had a meeting to go to. Andrés and I took an Uber, yes Mom, I got into a car with a complete stranger, and we went to the downtown part of the city. It looked beautiful there. Nice colour scheme, cool fountains, and great weather. Looked around for a bit, went through a few buildings, a theatre, and then went to a taco place for lunch. I ordered the Gringas, which is basically just a quesadilla with cheese and meat. Andrés got a few different types of tacos. After about 7 minutes of waiting for our food after our order had been placed, the waitress walked over with a plate of food for Andrés, but nothing for me. She explained in Spanish that apparently they were out of cheese, and I would need to choose something else. I was not pleased that she waited all that time to tell me that, I guess she couldn’t drag herself over to our table to tell me that before she brought half of an order out. I said a few things out loud as she walked away, and it’s probably better that she didn’t understand, or she may have spit in the tacos that I ended up ordering. After that, we walked around for a little longer, and then took another Uber to a big mall where I would meet my friend Elias, and Andrés would meet his cousin. Looked around the mall for a bit, and then walked over to the restaurant that I was going to be eating at. Elias was an exchange student that stayed at our house in spring 2016, and today I got to meet his family. We had a lovely meal at a Mexican restaurant, and great conversation. Their family was extremely nice, and were all excited to meet me. After lunch, I went with them to downtown Zapopan, which is right next to Guadalajara. We walked around there for a bit, and stumbled upon a market/fair/festival type thing happening. There was a fenced off area, where people were taking part in a snowman building contest. That’s right, snow! There was just a small pile that had been brought in, but people seemed to be having a great time. That was something I didn’t expect to see, but I never thought I’d see what my eyes captured next. Snow tubing in Mexico! A large slide covered in ice and snow, with tubes for people to ride down on! It was funny to see people going down in shorts. After wandering a bit, we went to a small cafe type place, and got a cold drink while we talked a bit more. Elias’ family then drove me back to the mall where I was meeting Andrés and his Dad. We all wished that I was able to spend more than a few hours with them, but we all had a great time. Started the long drive home, had a nap, actually, a series of naps. I hate waking up when my head shakes around as the car turns. Went out for Pizza with Andrés in the evening, and bought my bus ticket for tomorrow. Going to see Pedro in Irapuato!


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  1. Marj Sweet

    Wow! Seems like you eat in a lot of restaurants- tacos and pizza lol! You must be in heaven!
    Another nice looking family! It’s nice they show you around everywhere!

  2. Donna Phillips

    Just to recap: You started in Ixtapa, went to Patzcuaro, then to Morelia, a quick visit in Guadalajara, now you’re in Irapuato and next week you’ll go to Mexico City! Wow!

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