DEC 27

DEC 27

Woke up around 8, and got ready to go out for breakfast. I went to an Organic restaurant with two friends of Andrés, who picked me up just after 9. I had a smoothie and some type of sandwich. After that, they took me to and outdoor mall, where they showed me a cool bakery. Sat for a bit eating, and then walked around some more. They dropped me off at home just after 12, and I went in to begin getting ready.

Andrés was just getting ready when I arrived, he had a doctors appointment to go to in the afternoon. Lunch was macaroni, with some sort of schnitzel like thing to go with it. After he got back from the doctor, Andrés ate, and then drove me to the bus station. But before we went to the bus station, he took me to the soccer stadium where the local team plays, and gave me a quick tour of the upstairs, where you could look down on the field.

After a few pictures, he took me to the bus, and walked me to the gate. We said our goodbyes, and I headed for the bus. I wasn’t sure which one was mine, and the lady working didn’t speak English. Luckily, a family from Texas was able to step in and translate, who helped me get my bag on the right bus. I appreciated them doing that, and I’m not sure what I would have done if they weren’t there! Just before I boarded, I was given a complimentary drink, and was offered a sandwich, which I declined. I’m not sure how many people were on the lower floor of the double decker coach, but upstairs where I was sitting, there were only three or four of us! I sat at the very front, and had a nice view of the ride.

I slept for about an hour and a half, in a very comfortable reclining seat, with a foot rest that extends as you recline. This bus line, ETN, puts Greyhound to shame!

Arriving in Irapuato two hours later, it was 6:30, and I was greeted by my friend Pedro and his family. It was really great to see them, and they welcomed me with open arms. We drove to their house first, and after a while of settling in, we went out for dinner.

We went to a nice restaurant, which is known for their panini like baguette sandwiches. When we arrived, the manager came over to say hello, as he kind of knows Pedro’s family. After a few minutes of waiting, he had a table for us. I ordered the same as Pedro, and also had a chai/apple cold beverage thing to drink.

Shortly after we ordered, the manager came over to our table, pulled up a chair, and began to chat with Pedro’s parents! He probably talked to them for about 20 minutes, before he got up and walked away. I figured that we had seen the last of him, but apparently not. He returned a short while later, just as we were getting our food, and plopped himself down in the same chair, for another 20 minutes.

The food took a while to arrive, but was really good. The manager talked to Pedro’s parents the entire time we were eating. He briefly stepped away, and Pedro’s cousin happened to also be eating in the same restaurant, and she came and took the managers seat for a bit. There was an empty seat adjacent to me, which was holding my coat, and the mom’s purse. I joked to Pedro, that maybe the manager would come back and take that chair.

A few minutes later, the manager walked over to where he had been sitting, and said to the girl “Oh you’re in my seat!”, and then he walked over to the seat where my coat was. He pulled out a coat rack, and motioned for me to hang mine up. The mom moved her purse, and he sat down once again at the table. He put down his fruity beverage, and said in Spanish something like “It’s sure nice to drink for free!”

Each time he got up and came back over, we were all laughing about it, and me and Pedro were saying things to each other, such as “This guy cares more about socializing than improving his slow service!” I think he got up and came back at least four or five times, it didn’t really bother me, it was just funny to see how oblivious he was to the restaurant, focusing his attention on talking with us.

After dinner, we came home, and Pedro took me to a small backyard Party for about half an hour. Came home and wrote this, now time for bed.


My breakfast:


My other friend Andrés (different from one I was staying with):


His brother Anton:




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