DEC 28

DEC 28

Got up-‘n’-Adam around 9, showered, and came out for breakfast. Chilaquiles and a fried egg, don’t know if I’ve had that before. Apparently they come from hens, and have a fragile shell, with a yolk inside.

Left the house around 11:30, and headed to the centre of Gunajato, which is the state of Irapuato (where Pedro lives). It was just under an hour in the car, but that didn’t stop me from having a nap. A little squished with the three of us in the back, but we made it work. Was getting close to strapping Pedro to the roof, but we made it there before it got to that.

We first stopped at a Mummy Museum, but after witnessing the line up, and being told that it would be 30 min to 1 hour of waiting in the sun, we abandoned that idea. We walked around different parts of the small city, through the narrow streets, and up and down the hills of the town. The houses were painted all different beautiful colours, and the landscape looked like a cool rainbow. We had lunch, and then walked around a bit more. We took a gondola type thing up a small mountain. It was really just an enclosed gondola car on a track, pulled up by a cable; it wasn’t in the air or anything.

Even though it sounds like a short trip, we were there for several hours.

After a long drive home, we relaxed for a few hours, and then Pedro and I headed to the mall. He needed something for his headphones, but none of the stores we checked had what he wanted. We ate tacos and quesadillas in the mall, and came home.

Pedro and I in front of the Guanajuato sign


Me on the steps of a large university


Pedro and I at the top of the mountain where the gondola/tram thing took us


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