DEC 29

DEC 29

Short post today. Breakfast was pancakes with the maple syrup that I brought. Left the house around 11:30, headed to San Miguel de Allende. Took about two hours to get there, and we went to a large church, which looked to be a major tourist attraction. Looked around in there for a bit, and went to a restaurant called “La Burger”. Got a burger with goat cheese, onions, and a few jalapeño peppers. Got a delicious brownie with ice cream for dessert. One of the sights I laughed at was seeing a 10 year old boy on a small street directing alternating one lane traffic. He wore a safety vest and was blowing a loud whistle. Looked around different parts of the city, took some pictures, and came home. Stopped at a fireworks market on the way, needed some supplies for New Years.



Another church, not the one we went inside of


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