DEC 30

DEC 30

Left the house at 9, and headed to breakfast at the same place as we went to my first night; the one with the chatty manager. We have been joking about that manager at every other restaurant we have gone to since, Pedro’s dad always says “You don’t have to worry, I don’t know the manager here.”

We were meeting some other people from their family at this cafe, there would be 10 of us. As we got out of the car, Pedro’s dad says “We will only have the necessary amount of chairs”, so the manager wouldn’t sit in an extra one at the table. We were the first to arrive of the family, and within five minutes of getting seated, the manager had found an available seat right next to Pedro’s dad. Talked his ear off for awhile, left, came back, talked a bit more. Eventually he left, and the guests arrived, nearly an hour late! To start, I had an apple sweet bread type thing, at least that’s what I thought it was. Pedro just ordered it without telling me, and told me after it arrived that it was for me.

We came back to the house with two of the cousins, and hung out with them for a few hours. Pedro and I drove around for a bit, and then sat in the backyard at the table where comida (lunch) would be served. Other family was coming over for that in the afternoon. They also ended up being late. I’m not sure how late, as I had a nap, but I think nearly two hours.
Pedro’s dad had a wok type thing out side on the grill, and made a dish called Paella. It had some meat and vegetables with rice; kind of like a stir-fry.

Watched some Netflix with the cousins, and talked for a bit in broken English and Spanish, as neither of us spoke the other fluently. I think one was 13 and the other looked to be about 10.

Pedro took me to the movie theatre, where we would meet two of his friends. We planned to see Jumanji, as it was the only decent one playing. This would have been my second time seeing it, but when we got there, it was sold out. Ended up getting some ice cream and sitting for a while talking, and then I got a few quesadillas from the same place as I did the other day; Taqueria Los Pinguinos. Don’t think there were actually any penguins being served.

New Years Eve tomorrow!


Apple bread thing



Manager at our table today – on a loop


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