DEC 31

DEC 31

New Years Eve!

Got up and ready around 11, and went with Pedro to the country club next to his house for breakfast. Came home and watched some Netflix, and used my computer for a while. After Comida, which was some sort of soup and tostadas, Pedro and I went to the mall for a bit. I did some shopping, and then got a few quesadillas at the same place as we have been to before.

I’ve noticed that on the escalators in Mexico, people don’t move to one side to let others pass, as they would at home. I guess that’s just not how they do it here, but it seemed strange to have everyone leaning on the railings of both sides, chatting away. How are others supposed to travel in a hurry? I guess you just leave yourself extra time or something.

Came home and relaxed a little more, and waited for the guests to arrive. They showed up around 8:30, and then we did games. The first game was called “Chubby Bunny”, where you have to cram marshmallows in your mouth, and say the words “Chubby Bunny”. If you can’t say them, you are out of the game. I made it until there were no more marshmallows left.

The next game was “Unwrap the Present.” A small film canister type thing had an undisclosed amount of money inside of it. You roll a large die, and if it lands on an even number, you have a chance to unwrap the complexly wrapped canister. It took a long time, and eventually the rules changed, so that you would have to land a 6 to unwrap it; giving others a longer chance to get it. I came close, but Pedro’s sister ended up winning the 60 pesos which were enclosed.

Dinner was Fettuccine Alfredo, wish a few other things on the side. The tradition is to eat 12 grapes at midnight, but I had been joking all week that I was going to steal one of Pedro’s grapes, so his Mom gave me 13 as a joke. The evening was filled with a bit of singing to songs that were playing in the background, and a few that were played on the piano. Carrot cake for dessert, and then on to the fireworks. They were cool to see, and you could hear them nonstop from others in the city.

People left around 1:30, ending my first Mexican New Years!


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  1. Marj Sweet

    What a great NYE! And love your details! Gives us a good visual! Do they Imbibe in any libations? You sure do keep busy!
    Feliz AƱo Nuevo! šŸŽ‰šŸ‡²šŸ‡½

  2. Merrill

    Hey! How did Phyllis get on here? That’s nice. Today sounded great. Some pretty cool customs there. All about food and family, and a slower pace of living.

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