Got up just before 9, and began getting ready. I packed up, had a shower, ate breakfast, and left the house just before 11. Pedro and his Mom drove me to the bus, and Pedro walked me in and said goodbye. I got on the bus, and found my seat upstairs, another nice seat which reclined and had a footrest. It was warm inside, the AC wasn’t working.

We departed Irapuato, and I went to sleep for just over an hour or so. I woke up and we were pulling into the bus terminal in Querétaro. The driver said something on the loudspeaker, but I didn’t understand. Most people got off, but a few of us remained in our seats. Luckily for me, one passenger was able to translate for the few of us that spoke English. She said that there was a problem with the bus, and we would have to get off for 15 minutes or so, while the driver fixed the bus. We got off, and the bus drove away to get fixed. I stayed near to where the bus had been, awaiting it’s arrival. I stood there for about ten minutes, and then spotted a snack shack. I walked over and found two small bags of chips that I wanted. I took them to the counter, but there were two girls in front of me, buying numerous things, all of which they wanted heated up. Soup, noodles, etc. I looked behind me, and saw my bus pulling back into the stall. I ended up having to put my chips back, and run to the bus, as the girls were taking way too long.

Got back to my seat, and was pleasantly surprised to notice that the AC had been fixed. Listened to music on my computer for the rest of the trip, and arrived in Tepotzotlán just before four. Got of the bus and collected my bags, and saw my friend André walking towards me. He was a student who stayed at our house this past April, and it was really great to see him again after more than eight months.

His dad drove us to his house, where I settled in, and enjoyed a lovely Comida; a spaghetti like dish, something similar to Schnitzel, and a salad. André’s older brother prepared the Schnitzel dish, wish I really enjoyed. I had a few helpings of everything.

We walked around the neighbourhood for a bit, listened to a bit of music, and then went with Rafael (André’s older brother) to the mall near their house. We browsed several clothing stores, but nothing really peaked my interest. After looking around for a while, we went to a restaurant that sells gourmet milkshakes. Me and André shared the Rocky Road. It was a chocolate shake, with Hershey’s kisses and chocolate dipped marshmellows lining the side of the cup. It was cool how we ordered, they gave us an iPad so we could see what things looked like, and then we simply clicked on the items we wanted and hit “order”. I got a side of fries, and showed André and Rafael something new; dipping fries into a shake!

Went for a drive around the adjacent neighbourhoods to our house, and saw some really nice houses, with nice views of the city. Came home and watched some Stranger Things on Netflix, while André’s Mom prepared a cake/loaf like desert, which was really good. I had a few helpings of that as well.






The Rocky Road


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  1. Donna Phillips

    Interesting that a lot of the food you’ve been served at the homes don’t sound overly Mexican. Spaghetti and schnitzel? Lol. You mentioned fettuccini before too. I’m glad you’re enjoying the food.

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