Had a comfortable sleep, and got up around 9:30. Got ready, and went to the store with André, we needed some things to make breakfast with. Scrambled eggs & quesadillas! Ate breakfast, watched Netflix, and then headed out. André’s older brother was driving, with his Mom riding shotgun. Me and André rode in the back; we were going to Coyocoan, which is an area in Mexico City about 30 minutes away from the house.

We browsed several large markets, looking at things they had for sale. Funny how you can get a permanent tattoo in an open market like that. If you didn’t like it, they sold ponchos next door if you wanted something to cover it up.

After looking around for a bit, we went down the street and got an ice cream. Walked around eating that, and then André’s mom spotted someone selling freshly made cookie type things. The lady had a big slab of dough, which she was breaking off, and cooking on a grill. They tasted good, but kind of stuck to your mouth a bit. A few feet after we got the cookies, his Mom saw a churro place, and said we should stop to try those. I chose one with chocolate inside, which was really good. I could’ve eaten more than a few.

Got in the car on a full stomach and came home, where I had a nap for an hour after I arrived. Was put to sleep by the gentle noise of a weed-eater buzzing away outside of my window. Came down for Comida which was some sort of beef thing with a sauce, some good rice, and tostadas. André was eating his with tortillas, and surprised me when he showed me something they use in their house. It’s called “La Tortilla Oven”, which is an insulated pocket which keeps tortillas warm until you are ready to eat them! How Mexican is that!? Haha

Went to see two different malls a little while after, and then went to a taco place. Got home, watched Netflix, and enjoyed some other funny things on YouTube. Also uploaded my second video, it is on the Mexico blog page.


La Tortilla Oven (Click Play)



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