Straggled out of bed around 10:30, got ready, had breakfast, and headed out to the mall. André, his Mom, his younger brother Sebastian, and I went to a large mall called “Santa Fe”. It had around six floors, several restaurants, and an ice rink on the ground floor! Shopped around some of the stores, and then had a churro for a snack.

After a few hours of being there with André, I met up with my friend Andrés. Not the same Andrés from Morelia, a different one who lives nearby to the mall. Seems I know a few people with the same/similar name. Haha. I went with him to his house and hung out for a while.

Another friend who we both knew took a bus from Querétaro to see us for the evening. We were at his house for a bit, and then they took me to a bakery, once they heard that I hadn’t tried a traditional Mexican sweet bread. When I got there, I saw a cupcake with chocolate over it, and thought that it looked like the same cupcake I had at a bakery in Morelia. A few minutes later, I saw the exact same donut that I had enjoyed in Morelia. I then realized, that this was the same bakery that my other friend from Morelia had taken me to before. It turned out that there is a chain of them. So I got the cupcake and donut that I had really liked the last time I had them, and also got the Mexican sweet bread, called “Concha”.

We went back to Andrés’ house and ate them, and hung out there for a bit longer. After that, we took an uber to a taco place, and had dinner. I said goodbye to them, and André came and picked me up. Got home, and watched Stranger Things.

André & Sebastian

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  1. Marj Sweet

    Lol! That’s funny Phyllis!
    Wow, I can’t believe how you get around and have so many contacts all over the place, many with similar names! Haha! And how you coordinate all your visits! And how there’s always somebody available and willing to take you places! What an adventure! You have opened my eyes to a whole different Mexico!

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