Got to sleep in today, and it wasn’t until noon, was I showered and ready to begin my day.
The mornings aren’t as cold, but it cools off a little in the evening. The majority of the houses here don’t have heating in them, as it’s rarely needed. Went to the store with André to get some groceries for lunch. I got a few supplies to make pesto pasta. We asked one of the workers which leaves were basil (albahaca), and she showed us which ones we were looking for. They all looked a little different and wilted, but the ones on the shelf next to them looked much better, and looked more like basil, so we got some. The grocery store is pretty much like home, and even has mostly English music playing over the speakers.

We came home, unloaded the groceries, and went back out. André and I went to see Andrés, he goes to the same school as André, and they both stayed at our house when their school had a trip to Canada. This is another Andrés I’m referring to, I haven’t talked about him on here before. I guess I know about 5 people named Andrés, maybe I should start using their last initial or something. Talked with him for about 30 minutes at his house, and then came home so I could begin preparing lunch.

I got the basil leaves out of the bag, and began tearing them off of the stem. After a few minutes of doing that, the lady that works in André’s house asked what we were making, and then alerted us that the plant that I was ripping, was not basil. Apparently, we should have listened to the worker, as these leaves were called “Berro”, which translates to “Watercress”. Luckily she said that before any other ingredients had been added. Andrés’ Mom was out, and was able to pick up some actual basil to use. The pesto turned out nice, and tasted nice with the pasta.

Watched Netflix for a bit, relaxed for a few hours, and then walked to the mall with André. We went to a Pizza place, and shared one with apples and pear on it.
Walked around the mall for a few minutes, before his Mom came and picked us up.
More Netflix when we got home, and then I wrote this.


André trying to eat while I took a picture of him


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  1. Marj Sweet

    Haha, that was interesting! Next time, rub a leaf and go by the smell. That’s so nice you feel comfortable enough to prepare meals in their homes!
    Funny, I never hear or see anything about vegetables! Lol! You’re going to have to catch up when you get home!
    Enjoy your last 2 Days!

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