Another 12 o’clock start to my day. André was having bagels for breakfast, but I fancied some of the leftover pasta and other things from the day before.

The two of us went to get groceries for the BBQ we were having, which was for his Uncle’s birthday. We came home with supplies, and watched Netflix. People showed up around 2, and André’s Dad was manning the BBQ. He prepared a few different types of meat, which we all enjoyed. The first night I arrived, his Dad offered me some salad, which I initially declined, and said “Don’t tell my Mom”. I ended up having some a few minutes later, but now at every meal, he jokes about salad, saying something like “Don’t worry, we have salad prepared for you!” We all get a laugh out of that.

After eating, I fell asleep on the couch while André played video games; everyone else was out on patio. We had cake, and after a little bit of sitting around bored, André took me to the mall, and then to a Churro place he thought I would like. The first Churro I had here was in Coyocoan, and it was the best one I had ever had. The place we went tonight was alright, but not as good. I had one with chocolate, and one with ice cream and dolce de leche. The chocolate one was lukewarm, which didn’t please me. They taste much better when they are warm. I didn’t have much of a choice with the second, as it had ice cream in it.

Came home a few hours later to see that all of the guests are still here! It’s 10pm right now, so they’ve been here for eight hours! Waiting for them to leave so we can watch Netflix.

Tonight will be my last sleep here, I have to be at the airport by around 9:30 tomorrow night.

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