The last day in Mexico! Left the house around noon to meet again with my friend Andrés, the same one that I saw a few days ago here. We went for something to eat, and talked for a bit. He took me home and we said goodbye. Shortly after, André, his Dad, Mom, older brother and I, piled into the family car and headed for the city centre area.

We walked around for a little while, and saw a large park, with many squirrels in them. They are a lot more tolerant of people here, I was able to get quite close to one for a photo without it scurrying away! It was the closest that I’ve ever been to one.

Had lunch at a nice Italian restaurant, and looked around a bit more. Ended up getting a churro and some ice cream to take home. (yes, I have to go to the gym when I get back to Canada)

Not a lot to write about my time out today, but it was nice.

When we got home, I started to pack, and then had a shower. The next several hours are going to be busy, and I want to be somewhat clean! My flight leaves just after midnight tonight, and I arrive in Vancouver just before 5am. After I clear customs and get out of the airport, I take the Canada Line and Bus to school, as I have a morning radio show to host at BCIT! I won’t get there till around 7, but the show is supposed to run 6-9am MON/TUE/THUR/FRI, for the next three weeks. Luckily, my co-host Brad should be able to hold everything down until I arrive. If anyone wants to listen in the Metro-Vancouer area, you can tune into 107.9, or listen online anywhere by clicking here.

Although I leave Mexico tonight, I still have two more posts to go on here! Check back tomorrow evening for a re-cap of my travels home, as something is bound to happen with me. I also hope to have the last segment of my video posted tomorrow as well!

Anyways, back to today. I had something to eat after I was ready, watched some Netflix, and said our goodbyes. André’s Dad sent a chauffeur from his work to transport me to the airport, and André came with me. He walked me in, helped me with the check in procedures, and walked me to security. We took a picture, and said our goodbyes.

Going through security was a pain. I ended up having to take off my belt and pants, and they emptied my suitcase out onto the floor while I was quivering in my briefs. When they found the drugs I was smuggling, they handcuffed me and threw me in a room, where I was beaten. Kidding, security was fine, but I thought this part of the post needed some “spicing up”. Hope I got you going Mom.

The lady at the check-in desk told me that there was no gate assigned yet for my flight, and I would need to go to a certain gate at a certain time, where they would announce the gate I needed to board at. I ended up sitting a few gates over, and as I was writing this, the TV screen in front of me switched to “VANCOUVER – 00:35 – ON TIME”. Guess I picked a good spot. Lets hope it doesn’t change!


André and I at the park




Video of the squirrel I antagonized





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