I guess I’ll pick up right where I left off. I was pleased that the TV screen in front of me was displaying my flight, so I would not have to go and search for it. A few minutes after, the gate crew taped a piece of paper on to the middle of the screen, with a flight number for Tokyo. I assumed that maybe they were using the gate first, and then it would be for my flight. Eventually, one of the workers turned off the screen that displayed my flight, causing a bit of uncertainty among the people waiting in the terminal. Several people went over to ask where our flight would be boarding, but these people were from a different airline, and nobody from Interjet was around to answer questions.

Eventually, a flight crew came to where I was sitting. The pilots stood beside me, and the flight attendants occupyed the seats next to mine. Someone came over and asked them if they knew where our flight would be boarding. I was pleased to hear that they were the crew for the Vancouver flight, so I knew that I just had to stay near to them, and I would be sure to find my gate. It seemed that they didn’t know either which gate we were to board at.

After a long time of waiting, someone came over the PA and announced the gate, which was just down the hall a bit. I followed behind my flight crew and joined the lineup to board. We probably stood in line for about 30 minutes before they started boarding, for some reason. We didn’t board until 12:35, which is when we were supposed to be leaving!

People didn’t seem to be in a huge rush, and there were a lot of people slowing things down. People were sitting in wrong seats, some kept standing up to access the overhead compartments, and I think we had to wait for someone to get on. Finally pushed from the gate at 1:30, nearly an hour late!

The plane had no entertainment options, the only cool thing, was during takeoff, a camera mounted to the front of the plane was displayed on the overhead video screens. It was neat to see the runway underneath us, and lifting off into the sky. Couldn’t see a whole lot thought as it was dark out.

The middle seat next to me was free, so I was able to stretch out a little more, and get a few hours of sleep. I had a bit of an upset stomach during the flight, and as we began our descent into Vancouver, I began to get a migraine, with pressure in my head and eyes. That lasted for a little while, and eventually subsided just before landing. The effects lingered for a short time after though.

Even though we left an hour late, we  must have made up time somehow, as we landed less than 15 minutes behind schedule. When we got off the plane, I walked to customs, and noticed one of the CBSA workers from the show I watched, called Border Security. He checked my passport, asked where I had been, why I was there, and within 5 seconds of talking to him, I was on my way. Funny that I was questioned for much longer when I had to do customs after my cancelled flight that didn’t leave the airport, than when I actually came back from another country.

Took the train and bus to school, and made it there just before 7 for my morning show.

It felt weird to be back home, and almost like a dream when I was on the bus to school. Did I really just get back from Mexico? As my Mom says, it was the trip of a lifetime, and I would love to do it again sometime. Thanks to those I stayed with, and everyone who made it a great time. It was an incredible three weeks, and  I’ll be back soon!

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  1. Marj Sweet

    Aaw, that’s it?! I’m glad you had a great trip and stayed with such great people! But now what?! Guess we’ll have to tune into your radio show!

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