July 2

July 2


July 2! The first day of my trip! I went to bed around 2am this morning, and enjoyed a peaceful 2 hours and 45 minutes of sleep, before having to get up to go to the airport. Left the house around 5:30, and Dad drove me to the airport. Checked one of my bags, grabbed something to eat, and picked up a box of timbits to smuggle into the country.

At security, I already knew my medium size bag, or extra large carry-on, would draw a lot of attention. Firstly, it didn’t fit into the tray that takes it through the xray. Luckily it managed to get through the machine, and then was immediately pulled into secondary inspection, just as I had suspected. Inside there were a bunch of wires tangled together, so I can see why there was a cause for concern. I had to go to a separate counter to consult with the workers as they went through my bag.

There was quite a bit of talk about me bringing that big of a carry-on, but if there’s a way that I can save money on checking a bag, you can bet I’m going to try! The lady asked me what the contents of my bag were, it felt like I was on one of those tv shows that is filmed at the airport. After she dug around inside a bit, went through the problem areas, and commented again about the size of my bag, I was sent on my way.

I sat around for a bit until boarding, but when it was time to board, I couldn’t find my paper boarding pass. Luckily, I had it on my phone, so it’s not like I couldn’t get on the plane. Waiting in line to board, I heard an announcement that said “paging passengers Phillips Jose.” My ears perked up when I heard my last name, but assumed that it was somebody else’s name, as she didn’t say “Riley”.

I waited in line, and was wondering which desk agent I would get. The man on the left didn’t seem nice, and wasn’t appearing too friendly with other passengers. The lady on the right, however, was the complete opposite. When it was my turn to go up, I got the nice lady. She said that I had been paged, as somebody had turned in my boarding pass. Kind of surprising, but a nice gesture. She then commented on the size of my bag, and said that she didn’t think it would fit. Luckily, she said she would check it complimentary.

I got my window seat on the right side of the plane, and then a larger gentleman sat next to me in the middle. Wasn’t the end of the world, but would have liked more room to myself. Went to sleep a little while after takeoff, and was out for just over two hours. Listened to music and rested my eyes for the remainder of the flight.

When we got off, things were a little different than the other Mexican airports I have been to. In trips previous, before you get your bags, you first go through customs and they look at where you are going, how long you will be, etc. After that, you go get your bag, and then they screen your bag on the x-ray. Following that, you would go to a small kiosk and press a button. It randomly selects people for a secondary examination. You have to hope you get the green light! Anyways, we didn’t have to do most of that at this airport (MEX). We just did the part where you tell them where you are going, and after that, your bag is waiting for you at the carousel for you to head out with. I told that to my friend André, and he seemed to think that they x-ray your bag before it gets to the carousel at that airport. Either way, I was thankful I didn’t have to press the button, and possibly get dragged into secondary.

André came to pick me up, and we went home in the car driven by his Dad’s chauffeur. It was the same chauffeur (Jorge) that drove me to the airport last trip. Jorge had the classic rock style station on as he did last time, with music all in English. I had him laughing as I sang a few lines of Bob Seger – Old Time Rock n’ Roll. He didn’t really speak English, but said that he would pay me if I kept singing. Needless to say, I got out of the car 40 minutes later with the same amount of money that I entered it with.

When we got to his house, André’s older brother Rafa (Rafael), was just coming home. He had gone to buy churros for us, because he knew how much I like them. I pulled out the timbits that I smuggled in, and we went to town.

Went to the mall in the evening, I needed something for my phone plan here. Had a bite to eat after, and then went to their family friend’s house to get a mattress style thing for André to sleep on this week, as he has donated his bed to me.

Weather was around 23 degrees today. It felt almost like home, with sun & clouds throughout the day, changing into heavy rain, hail, and thunder & lightning showers in the evening.

About ready to go to bed, 4 hours sleep lasted longer than I thought it would!

Also, there have been a few problems with my website, which are currently in the process of being fixed. If you try to get on and it won’t load, perhaps try later.

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