July 3

July 3

Woke up just before 9. I would have slept a bit longer, but couldn’t manage to stay asleep as there was a little bug flying around the room that kept zooming past my ear.

Went to have my shower, and struggled to get the hot water to come out. Apparently it just takes a while. Reached for my body wash, not remembering that I hadn’t opened it since I was at home, meaning there was still a lot of pressure built up in it from the plane. Not thinking of that, I held it in front of me, and pressed the button on the lid to open it. It let out a loud pop, and shot a spurt of soap all over my face. Luckily not much of it got into my eye.

Came downstairs (after I dried off and got dressed) and played video games with André’s younger brother Sebastian. André had gone to the gym with his Mom for their regular kickboxing class. When they arrived home, around 11, we had breakfast. Quesadillas and Waffles with the maple syrup I brought. What a combination! Apparently it’s normal to have a quesadilla for breakfast. Had a laugh when Sebastian put maple syrup on his quesadilla as well as his waffles. He said it tasted quite good like that, but his Mom did not approve.

All of us, with the exception of André’s Dad, went shopping at a mall. I went there last time, but there are 5 or 6 levels, so there wasn’t a shortage of stores to visit. His Mom bought me a pretzel from one of the stores there, and after I finished shopping, I paid an arm and a leg for a small cup of haagen-daz ice cream. 65 Mexican Pesos ($4.40 CAD) for one scoop of dulce de leche. The parking actually cost less than the ice cream did!

Had comida (afternoon meal) when we got home, and showed André & Sebastian some of my DJ things. That lasted for around an hour, and then me and Sebastian went downstairs and sat on the couch. André said he had to run to the store briefly, and asked if I wanted to come, but I said I felt like staying home. I think he went to the bathroom or something after that, leaving me and Seb in the living room on the couch. Seb could see I was a bit tired, and told me I should take a nap. I told him I was a little sleepy, but didn’t really want to take a nap….

An hour and fifteen minutes later, I awoke from my rest.

Went out for gourmet milkshakes with André in the evening, and came home to write this.

Weather today was around 20 degrees or so, and partly sunny.

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