July 4

July 4

Slept in until just after 7, we had to leave the house early for where we were going, so we could hitch a ride with André’s Mom on her way to work. She dropped us off around 9am in Chapultepec Park. If you want to know specific details and other info about this park, you can google it; I’m not wikipedia! But I will tell you that it’s larger than Central Park in New York, and larger than Stanley Park in Vancouver.

The first place we walked to was called the National Museum of Anthropology. We were the first ones inside of the museum, and got in for free for some reason. Maybe because it was a weekday or something. It was quite a large museum, with several different buildings and exhibits. At almost every exhibit, there were bowls! There were hundreds of bowls. They had bowls of all different shapes and sizes, and charts explaining about the bowls. André was quite surprised about the abundance of bowls, and isn’t really sure why there were so many of them around. We saw many other things there, such as a large Mayan calendar, and other sculptures. Since we were the first ones there, everything was pretty quiet, it almost was like it was closed. I felt like I might see Ben Stiller from Night at the Museum come around the corner at any moment with his keys and flashlight in hand.

After the museum, we walked through the park to the Castle of Chapultepec. The sign said it cost 70 pesos ($4.75 CAD), but we were able to get in for free as we both had our student cards with us.  This is the only castle in all of North & South America in which a monarch family has resided in. In the late 1800’s, the castle was foreclosed on by the city bailiff. All of the family’s belongings were tossed out onto the street, free for the picking. You can now find the castle listed on Air-B&B for about 250 CAD a night.  Just kidding. The castle actually became vacant at the end of the second Mexican Empire. Los Pinos was built nearby as somewhat of a replacement for the president to live in, it serves the same purpose as the White House does in the US. We didn’t visit it, but it translates to The Pine Tree.

We toured around the castle for a while, and then walked around a large lake, full of people in row and peddle boats. Some of them were actually in the shape of a swan. We had a bite to eat, and walked around the park, sitting down on benches periodically to relax and take in the scenery. André has a step counter on his phone, and it said we walked 15,800 steps while we at the park. Almost worked off that milkshake from last night.


His Mom picked us up around 2:30, and shortly after we got in the car, I took a nap for about an hour until we got home. The housekeeper had prepared the meal, and it was pretty much ready after we arrived home; Tacos & Gringas. We had some good conversation at the table, about Mexico, Canada, etc. Lots of laughs, and shortly after, I went upstairs for another nap!

2 hours later, I came downstairs, and André took me to the store so I could get a few snacks.

Not sure how much i’ll sleep tonight, but it was a lot of walking today!.

Weather was partly sunny and around 23 again today. Apparently it’s hotter at home!



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  1. Auntie Merrill

    Like the inclusion of the video. Sounded like a super day. And you are certainly “living the life of Riley” down there! Chauffeurs and housekeepers! No wonder you return! Loved the castle….the windows! I wonder what all the bowls were about. Funny, I remember when I was living at your house, we watched The Night at the Museum and it was the one and only movie that Kitty was interested in watching. It’s interesting that you are getting “free” so much. It’s like you are a celebrity!
    Looking forward to tomorrow. You are my bedtime story. Thank you.

  2. Phyllis Cannell

    I hope they don’t mind that you are sleeping so much of the day away. Nice itinerary so far. Sounds like a lovely family. Do you know what our time difference is?

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