July 5

July 5

Up around 9 and got ready. Me and Sebastian went down to the trampoline that is inside of the gated community here. After about a minute or two of jumping, one of the security guards, who watches the property, came over and said that the trampoline is for kids, and I’d have to get off. He mentioned that he didn’t really care, it is just the property manager who doesn’t like it, so after he leaves around 6pm, we could come back if we wanted.

Went back to the house for breakfast, had a bit of time, and then all of the family except for André’s Dad (who was working) went out to a park called Mexicana Park. It isn’t near as big as Chapultepec park from yesterday, but it is a newer park in the south of the city. It is a popular area to exercise, with running paths, nice views, greenery, and water. There is a series of restaurants in the process of being built there, and was surprised to see a PetCo (pet store) and a Starbucks, right in the middle of the park!

When we first arrived, I saw a sign that I wanted a picture with, so instead of taking one standing in front of it, I climbed to the top. Upon arriving at the top of the sign, a security guard came over and said that he didn’t mind if we took a photo, but to do it fast as there were security cameras watching, and he didn’t want to get in trouble.

After walking around the park for a while, stopping in at the pet store and Starbucks, we headed back to the car. On the way back, we passed this structure that we had passed earlier. It is still under construction, but I think that it is a stage or something for concerts and performances, hence the seating area on the grass.

I had wanted a picture there, but the walkway to get there was roped off. (Notice the orange barrier in front of it). When we first passed it, André and his Mom said I should not trespass there to get a picture, but on our way back, we decided that there wasn’t a real issue. I would have to run out there quickly, grab a photo, and run back before we were scolded by security. Luckily, none of them were around, and I got a cool picture.

Just as we were nearing the car, I noticed another sign that I wanted a picture with. This one was on top of an overpass, that wasn’t really meant to be accessed. André ran down the hill to the middle of street and stood on the median, which was also a bike path. I ran to the sign and got a picture, evading security once again.

Went home, had the afternoon meal, and then went swimming in the pool that is in the gated community. Yes, we waited some time before we got in the water. Spent just over 4 hours in the pool and jacuzzi, and had it all to ourselves. Shivered back home, and watched a movie.

Weather was mainly sunny with clouds, and some showers in the evening.

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