July 6

July 6

André’s Mom made pancakes for breakfast. She actually made the batter in a blender, which I thought was neat. She put some bananas in it and blended it up. It went nicely with the maple syrup.

Went to the swimming just after noon, but the pool was warmer than the jacuzzi, as only the pool heater had been turned on at that point. We asked the nearby maintenance crew if there’s anything they could do, and they said they would turn on the hot water. It took a while to warm up, and didn’t start to get warm until shortly before we left. We were there for about 2-1/2 hours, then came back to the house for lunch.

Relaxed for a bit, and had André take me to the store for some snacks. As we were checking out at the cashier, the lady in front of us who was paying was talking to the cashier. Then, the cashier took one of my items (bag of chips) from my pile, and rang it through the till, placing it in her bag! Wasn’t really sure what was going on, I thought that she wanted it or something, and I would have to go without. The cashier then explained to André, that she wanted cash back from her card, but didn’t meet the minimum charge, so she was going to pick up one of my items for me. Was surprised that it happened, and thanked her a few times.

We were supposed to go in the evening to a part of the city, which would be the equivalent of Robson Street in Vancouver. We didn’t end up going, as we heard there was some event or something happening near there, and it would be too busy to get to. The plan is to go tomorrow morning.

André saw online that Krispy Kreme was doing a special chocolate donut tonight, and would start selling at midnight. The first ten people would get a dozen for free. We didn’t end up being the first there, but I ended up being the first one there to get a chocolate donut. I guess the 10 people were sitting down until they were called up for their box. At 12 there was some cheering amongst the employees, and there were quite a few of them working!

Partly sunny around 20 today.


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  1. riley312p

    Phyllis-No, you didn’t understand. The pool was warm, the hot tub was freezing. The hot tub heater wasn’t turned on for some reason, only the pool heater was running. So we asked them if they could fix it. That is why the pool was warmer than the jacuzzi.

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