July 7

July 7

Didn’t head out until just after 12:30 or so. We went to a place André called “Masaryk”. It is similar to the Robson area in Vancouver. Lots of expensive stores, and the clientele in that area was sure different than the rest of the city. All the buildings were nice, and there were some beautiful houses in the area.


We walked around that area for about an hour, and then went back to the car. We went to a place called Ice Cream Nation. It was gourmet ice cream made to order in front of you. I missed the beginning of the process, but when I walked over to where it was being made, the guy had my individual order going in a mixer! I was surprised to see that. It seemed he was also using some sort of nitrogen or something to make it cold.

Went home, ate, and went swimming. It was bright and sunny all day, but shortly after we got in (around 5) the sun disappeared, and it started down-pouring, with a side of thunder and lightning.

When we got out, we changed, and André, Rafa, and I went to a get-together of one of their friends. It was her birthday/going away to study in Toronto goodbye party. André only knew the girl, and nobody else. Most of the people there were from her school, a lot were international students. There were about 30 there, some parents, and a waitor going around tending to the guests. Dinner was served around 9:30, and André told me it was an Arabic meal. On the table there was a rice dish with chickpeas and other things, which was in the shape of a pineapple upside-down cake, some falafel type thing, salad, and a few odds and ends. There was a Colombian Mariachi band playing at the house, and one of the highlights of the night was when the girl’s Dad started dancing with the dog… Met a few people, two of which are coming to study at UBC in September. Didn’t get out of there until quarter to 2, and came home to write this post.



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  1. Phyllis Cannell

    Wow what a great party!! Nice that you were there to speak English to the ones coming to Canada. Hilarious video lol. Thanks for the description & the video. What was your ice cream flavour?

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