July 8

July 8

Didn’t do much today. Slept in, and then made some breakfast with André. We were supposed to go out sightseeing somewhere, but it didn’t work out, as all of us kind of had a slow start to the day, and his Mom had to do something for work.

I had planned to go down to the pool in the afternoon, but just as I decided I was ready to go, the sun disappeared. It wasn’t all that warm out either, so I scrapped that idea.

At some point, I ended up following André into the laundry room to get something. I hadn’t really been in there before, and I noticed a ladder attached to the wall. He told me it went to the roof, and we could go up and take a few pictures. Just as we started our ascent, it began to downpour. When we arrived to the top, the thundershowers had started. Didn’t get that great of pictures, and only was up there for a few minutes. If it was sunny, it would have been a great view. Might try again tomorrow.

Had tacos for dinner, and then André and I went to the store in the evening. He needed to get a few groceries, and I needed a few toiletries. Came home and watched a movie, Fun with Dick and Jane.

This post is kind of boring, so I’ll throw in something from the other day that I neglected to talk about. When we were at Chapultepec Park, one of the things we saw was the Auditorio Nacional. It is like an auditorium/convention centre. Outside of it, there is a long “walk of fame” type of thing, with plaques on the sidewalk showcasing the different acts that have performed there. A few ones I can remember were Billy Ocean, Loverboy, Michael Buble, Disney on Ice, but there were many more.


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  1. Donna Phillips

    It’s good to have a more relaxing day once in a while to rest up for busier days. Love your posts. Too bad about the weather. Can’t wait to see pictures from the rooftop. How about a photo of the pool and the front of the house you’re staying? Don’t forget some photos of André’s family. I want to see them.

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