July 9

July 9

Had to get up slightly earlier today, so we could leave the house just after 10. We were going to the centre of downtown Mexico City. All of the family went, except for André’s Dad, who was working. We met with their family friends, and walked around for a few hours. There were many cool buildings to see, and a few to go inside. The first place we went to was called “Palacio De Bellas Artes” which means Palace of Fine Arts.

Apparently there were lots of rooms and things to see inside upstairs, but for some reason, all of the upper levels were closed. So we only stayed there for a few minutes, and then went on our way. Another building we went into was a large cathedral. Here is a shot of the large set of pipes.

The last building went in was a large post office. The upstairs of it was off limits, but it was a huge building. Must be a lot of packages or something. Its layout kind of made it hard to get pictures and video, but here are two videos I took of the inside.




It is actually still a functioning post office, as you could see the line of people.

After this, we had lunch with the family friends, and then went home. The friends came back to André’s house to swim, but when they got down to the pool, it was closed. Most people here don’t use it unless the weather is really warm, so that’s probably the reason. I think they hung out for a while down there with André’s brothers, and then went to the friends’ house to swim in their pool. I wasn’t with them for any of that, because me and André were up at the house, as his DJ friend (Santiago) came over for a few hours to play some music with me.

He has different equipment than I do, which is one of the reasons I wanted to try it out. I also brought a few things of my own to show him. We both took turns, and I think he was impressed with what I could do, considering I had never used that equipment or program before. He was kind of quiet, and I don’t think he asked me any questions directly. The few that he did ask were translated by André. I assumed this was because he didn’t speak English well. When Santiago left, I asked André how much English he speaks, and he replied “Oh he speaks the same amount as me, he lived in New Zealand for a while.” I found it quite strange that he barely spoke to me, and was somewhat put-off by it when I found out, but André said that he is just a bit shy. Either way, I had fun, so that’s all that matters. 😂

Stayed in the rest of the evening, while there was heavy rain, with thunder and lightning for a few hours.

My Mom told me that I need to talk about some things other than just about my day, so here is something about the houses. The homes here are not like the ones in Canada. The majority of the ones where I come from are made of wood, drywall, etc. The ones here are mostly made of concrete, and some of stone. There is next to no drywall used at all. At home, you can hear people in the next room, even if they are talking at a normal volume, or a dull roar. In Mexico, there is a lot more privacy, as things are more soundproof with the concrete walls. I guess that also means that less heat comes into the house during the summer, letting it stay cooler. André’s house doesn’t have heat or AC, but it’s not hot enough to need air conditioning right now. Even though it was warm outside, around 24, it was quite comfortable inside of the house. When I was here the last time, during the winter, it was colder, and chilled off a little inside, but we were fine with a sweater or light jacket. There, I hope you learned something!


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  1. Donna Phillips

    Love it!!! You’re so good at describing how everything is. I love the photo of the pipes in the cathedral. All great photos! Did you get to the rooftop of the house yet?

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