July 10

July 10

Didn’t do a whole lot today, one of the reasons being that I was moving to someone else’s house, but we weren’t sure at what time until mid day. I spent some time packing up my things, and did a bit of relaxing. I noticed it was sunny outside, and considered going down to the pool to get some sun. A few minutes later, it began to pour rain, so I abandoned that idea.

The housekeeper is a really nice, and somewhat of a young lady. She doesn’t speak english, but her and André are always picking on each other, and laughing. He said that she enjoys working there. She prepared a delicious spinach soup (yes I know Mom, I had vegetables), and tacos, but the tacos weren’t regular. Inside, they only had a very small amount of beef, with the main part of it being potatoes, onions, and green onion or something. It was actually really good. I had several.

I said goodbye to André around 5pm, when my friend Andrés D. came to pick me up. He lives nearby, and I will be staying with him for a few days.

After settling in for a bit, we went to see a movie. Of course, we had to go to the VIP section of the cinema, where I could watch Ant Man from the comfort of a lazy-boy recliner. The tickets were about $9.50 CAD, which was a good deal compared to home, considering it was VIP as well.

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  1. Donna Phillips

    Sad that you didn’t post any pictures of the first family. Tacos sound good. Wonder what spices she used. Did they use one of those tortilla warmers to keep the tortillas warm? Hope the weather improves for you soon.

  2. Auntie Merrill

    Ant Man….that sounds interesting. So how is it different at Andres house? Does he have chauffeurs and such too?

    And how’s your Spanish coming along?

  3. riley312p

    Merrill-the chauffeur with André was one of the drivers from his dad’s work, so he isn’t there all the time. Only when someone needs a ride quite far. It isn’t really common for people to have a full time one. Andrés’ house is a bit different, but still nice. Spanish is improving a tad

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