July 11

July 11

A late start to the day, but had a great sleep. The curtains in this room block the sun out almost completely, so you end up sleeping a little longer, as the sun doesn’t shine in to wake you.

Andrés was going to take me out, but we had to wait for his Mom, as we needed her car. She had to go to the bank, but wasn’t going to do so until the World Cup game was over. Waited until that ended, and then she decided that she wasn’t going to go out afterall.

So Andrés and I headed out, and got a few minutes down the road, when he realized that he didn’t have his wallet. So we headed back, he ran inside to get it, and then came back to tell me that his Mom has decided to go to the bank, and she’d be out in a minute. We drove her to the bank, drove her home, and then finally got on with our afternoon.

We picked up his friend, and then went to a modern art museum. Doesn’t sound like something I would usually do, but thought I would give it a try, and there were a few cool things too see. There were many security guards, all making sure nobody got close to the art.

Daniel (friend), Me, Andrés


After a few hours, we went for dinner. Saw this cool delivery bike, a lot of them driving around! I think they can get through the traffic a lot quicker. I believe that the Dominos here offers the promotion “30 minutes or it’s free!”


One thing I miss about home is the length of the day. At home, the sun begins to head down just before 9, but it stays light until nearly 10! Here, it is pretty much dark by 8ish.

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  1. Marj Sweet

    I always miss the longer days too. But that’s what happens near the equator😁 it’s better there in the winter when their days are longer than ours!

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