July 13

July 13

Got up just after 10:30. Andrés was going to take me to the bus today, but had to make a few stops along the way. The first stop was going to be to get the car insurance renewed or something, and the next would be to the mechanic to get the back-up camera re-connected. We had said the night before, that we should leave by 11, as I needed to be at the bus just before 2, for the 2:15 departure. He planned to do those things before dropping me off, but I knew that we wouldn’t have time. He made us breakfast, and we left around 12:30, but had to make a quick stop at André’s house (last house I stayed at), as I forgot a shirt there the other day.

We decided that we would go straight to the bus station, as there was going to be no time for him to do his tasks. We used google maps to get us there, but it kept sending us to the tolled highways. This way would be faster, but apparently certain roads require you to have a decal/transponder thing on your car for you to access it. It is sort of like one of those Treo-PortMann/Golden Ears Bridge tag things from home. Andrés had it, but apparently you have to have money loaded onto it, so they don’t have to collect afterwards. His tag had no money on it, so we had to change the settings of google to keep us on the un-tolled roads.

There was tons of traffic, and we sat for long periods of time. We ended up arriving at the bus station at about 2:06, just minutes before my bus was scheduled to leave. Rushed in, said goodbye, and made it through security quickly. Yes, they x-rayed my backpack, and gave me a pat-down. One of the workers pointed out which bus I needed, I gave my bags to the baggage person, and I got on. If I had been 4 minutes later, I wouldn’t have made it.

I took the bus to Tequisquiapan, which is a small town near to where my friend Polo lives. He lives in Ezequiel Montes, which is 15 mintues away from the bus station. The main city near us is Queretaro.

Polo’s family owns a large bakery, which is attached to the house. Yes, my room smells like fresh bread.

After I settled in, and met some of his family, he began to serve me some food. It is customary here to leave your shoes on in the house, but usually I just take mine off, as it feels more comfortable. I didn’t think to take them off when I arrived, and just left them on. As Polo was getting my food, he accidentally splashed a bit of red, oil based sauce onto my shorts, and some onto my pure white shoes…What a great start to this city.

One of his friends came over as we were eating. They had planned to go to Downtown Queretaro (45 min away) to see the International Jazz Festival. Yes Mom, a Jazz Festival. So we headed out, picking another friend up along the way. There was lots of traffic downtown, and parking was very hard to come by. We eventually found some, walked to the stage, and watched one of the acts for about 30-45 minutes.



We walked to a small taco stand on the side of the road, it was literally on the side of a side street, with quite a lineup. Me and Polo went for a walk, while the two friends waited for our order. When we got back, some guy had set up a speaker on a stand, with a microphone and mic stand. He had his phone connected, and was singing songs for people waiting for their order. Both of Polo’s friends asked if they could sing part of a song themselves, and he agreed. I think they gave him a few pesos afterwards.

Walked around for a while, so I could see some of the city. and then went to a bar to see a band perform. Yes Mom, a bar. Spent about 45 there, and then walked up to a lookout where you can see some of the city.


Didn’t get home until just before 3, then I stayed up to write this.

I wonder what my Mom is thinking right now. A jazz fest & a bar, two things I am normally unlikely to visit. I can only imagine that her reaction is something similar to this scene from the 1980’s movie Airplane.

airplane clips jim

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  1. Auntie Merrill

    Funny. I didn’t notice any stains on your nice white shoes. Did you get it all removed?

    Taco stand sounded random/funny. I wonder what’s in store for tomorrow…..

  2. Donna Phillips

    Wow! What a day! Your shoes!!! Agghhh! I don’t believe it! And a bar?! And jazz?! Who are you?? Didn’t sound much like jazz but it was entertaining. Did you have fun there?

  3. Marj Sweet

    Lol! That’s funny! You’re really stepping out of your comfort zone! But things are different there aren’t they?
    Glad you got most of the stain out!

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