July 14

July 14

Slept in until 11, and after I got ready, we went out for breakfast with some of Polo’s family. The place was 10 minutes away, and apparently used to be an old home. It looked kind of rustic, but also looked really nice. You couldn’t tell it was a restaurant from the outside. This is the only picture I took of the inside.


First, we were served Papaya (I think) with yogurt and granola. There was also some toasted bread with a side of homemade jam. I had pancakes, Polo enjoyed enchiladas, and the rest of the family got various other things. The food came rather quickly.

We came back to the house, and had a bit of musical time. Polo has a full drum-set in his room, as he is in a band. There is also an electric bass and guitar here. We were trying out his new keyboard controller, which is a small piano with 25 keys, and has a few other effects buttons. This connects to his computer, and he can play it as a regular keyboard, as well as make each note sound a different effect, like a synthesizer. We played around with that for a while, along with the DJ effects board that I brought. He also drummed along to a few songs I played from my computer.

He wanted to do something with me, so he called his friend. This was one of the same friends, Martin, from last night. In Spanish, they pronounce it Mar-teen. Martin works at a vineyard down the road giving tours, and said if we came right now, he would give us a free tour. We arrived shortly after, and he had just started the tour, with 4 other people, who had paid to be there. He did it in Spanish, and Polo translated a bit of it for me.

The first stop was out by the grapes. Shortly after we got there, it began to lightly pour heavy rain. I mean that there wasn’t a lot of rain, but it was quite heavy. It was lightly raining heavily. The tour promptly moved on to the next phase, which was inside of a barn style building, with lots of barrels. After a while of Martin showing things in there, and answering questions, we moved into another building. where we would sample one of the wines. I had my sample, and didn’t really like it. Polo said it tasted great.

On our way home, Polo suggested we go out somewhere to eat, which was near a large tourist attraction; a huge rock.


We got Gorditas for dinner, which is a cross between a taco and a quesadillia. It is made from a thicker torilla, with different things inside. I had a few, one was mushrooms and cheese, another was chopped potato with cheese. I had never tried it before, but I liked it.

Walked a little bit toward the large rock, which many people actually climb.



On our way back home, we were in the neighbourhood of Polo’s ranch/bakery facility. The bakery at his house has a store attached to buy things made there, with a kitchen in the back. This place we stopped at doesn’t have a store, it is just used for baking, and is like a large warehouse; more of an industrial style. This property also has a large grass field, many sheep, and a few dogs. He took me on a tour, but nobody was there, as it is Saturday. The first building is where the sheep are, and the blue building is the bakery.


Inside of the walk-in cooler


When we got back to Polo’s house, he took me into the bakery store so I could try a few things. His bakery specializes in Mexican sweet breads, among a few other things. He grabbed a bag, and pulled a few things off of the shelf. At one point, I asked if we could get one of the donuts that I saw. He said that there might be fresher ones in the back, so I followed him into the back kitchen where he asked if there were any. There weren’t, but he saw a large rack of sweet bread (Concha) that had recently come out of the oven. Without hesitating, he grabbed one of them off of the rack with his tongs, and walked out of the kitchen with our bag full of goodies. He had to sign a receipt from the cashier with a total of $0.00, and then we went upstairs to dig in.

Martin came over in the evening, he plays the bass guitar in Polo’s band, and they played around for a bit.

This is my last night here, I’m going to Irapuato tomorrow.

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  1. A. Shirley

    So enjoying your blogs. The photos and videos are great. You seem to be expanding your taste buds which is good. Glad you are having a good time and meeting new people.

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