July 15

July 15

Got Up ‘n Adam around 9:30, showered, had breakfast, and packed up. Polo drove me to the bus station in Queretaro. When I arrived a few days ago, I took the bus to a smaller town which was closer to his house, but that station didn’t offer the route I needed today.

On the way there, we passed this huge group of people walking along the highway. Polo said that it is something that happens (maybe annually?), where people walk from Queretaro to Mexico City, which takes almost a full week.


I settled in on the comfortable bus seats, and reclined. These busses actually have leg rests! Not just a foot rest, a leg rest too! I slept for a lot of the way, and we were actually were just over an hour earlier into the station than expected! Not sure why we were so early, but luckily Pedro was already there waiting for me.

Went to his house, and some of his family came over for a backyard BBQ. I didn’t mention it, but in Polo’s city, there were a ton of flies. Irapuato has proven to be no exception, as we were constantly waving them away while trying to eat.

After being outside for a while, Pedro and I came inside to watch a movie; TAU.

It was bright and sunny when I arrived, and around 24 degrees. Heavy rain and thundershowers in the evening though. They seem to be following me to each city.

Just to beef up this post, I’ll throw something in from yesterday. Polo had told me that since his truck is only a three seater, he as occasionally had a few friends lay down in the back if they were going a short distance. He mentioned that this was technically illegal. Anyways, as we were pulling onto the main road from a side street, in the evening, we saw a truck stopped with a canopy on it, with several people inside the back, who were shuffling around. Probably more than 10, which is quite common to see. I chuckled at that, but was quite surprised to see, that right next to the truck, was a cop standing beside his parked patrol car, not batting an eye at the so-called “illegal” act.


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  1. riley312p

    Phillis-I didn’t say why they marched, because I can’t remember 😂.
    The movie is about a smart house and the owner is holding someone captive inside

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