July 17

July 17

Had to leave the house by 10:30, we were meeting with Pedro’s Grandparents.

Drove to their house, and then they drove to where we were going. It was about 45-60 minutes, and we ended up at a place where Tequilla is made! Pedro’s grandparents bought us each a small glass for samples.

The tour guide was not great. I think Pedro’s Grandpa asked her if she would consider doing a bit of the tour in English. She replied to him with a some-what firm “No”. Not a “Sorry, we don’t do that”, just “No”.

Pedro ended up translating a bit for me, but the tour guide’s voice was just terrible. Really monotone, most of the sentences she spoke came out sounding the same. I guess she has said the same stuff a bunch of times, but she could still add a little kick to it or something; spice it up!

We tried a few different samples along the tour, the first was a tequila with an 80% alcohol content! Another was a chocolate vodka, which was good.

The tour showed many things, including many barrels of liquor, and a lot of stained-glass style windows, all made from bottles. They didn’t smash the bottle and use the pieces to form a window, they stacked entire bottles on top of each other.



After the tour, Pedro’s Grandparents bought me a bottle of tequila, then we stumbled back to the car, and headed to the next place. It was called “Plazueals Guanajuato.”

It was an archeological ruins site, and was actually decently large. There were many of these style of structures on the property.


We spent a while here walking around, then hit the road. We were going to stop somewhere for something to eat, on the way home, but it didn’t work out that way. We pulled into a place just off of the highway, but for one reason or another, his grandparents didn’t want to go there. I think it looked kind of busy. So we continued down the road and came upon a sign advertising a restaurant. We pulled off of the road, and feasted our eyes on an old abandoned restaurant, who’s owners clearly forgot to take down their sign when they packed up shop. So we headed back to Irapuato, and ended up getting something there. Tacos and a stuffed baked potato, all of which were good.


In the evening, I went to visit with Pedro’s cousins, whom I met last trip. Their Dad ended up ordering pizza, and we waited to start a movie until it arrived. Time went on, and it still wasn’t there. Eventually, a knock at the door came. As soon as we heard it, one of the cousins (Santiago) looked at the time, and said “Papa! es gratis!”. That translates to, “Dad, it’s free!” They have the “30 minutes or it’s free” rule at some places here. We took the pizza inside, and their Dad (Jose) told us to start eating. He shut the door, and remained outside with the motorcycle pizza delivery driver for quite a while. I knew that there was obviously some sort of discrepancy with the driver not wanting to honour the 30 minute deal. After about 10 minutes, he finally came back inside. They had agreed on a deal, one pizza for free, so basically it was 50% off of the whole order.

We went upstairs and watched a movie, Rampage, starring Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson. Santiago ended up falling asleep during the film.

Partly sunny and 24 again today, but not forgetting the lengthy thunder/lightning showers tonight!

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  1. Auntie Merrill

    That really sounds like a great day. Nice of the family to take you to those places. A distillery?! That must have looked and tasted interesting. ‘Stumble’ did not go missed.

    You’re taking in a few movies on this trip. Nice.

  2. Donna Phillips

    Chocolate vodka sounds good! Sounds like you saw some interesting things!! Funny about the free pizza and the run down restaurant! Lol. I picture tumbleweeds drifting past like a ghost town. Ha ha.

  3. Phyllis

    Love how y’all stumbled out of the tequila house. The photos are fabulous, keep them coming. They sure sound like a great extended family. Enjoy.

  4. A. Shirley

    So many interesting things. Great commentary and photos and I loved the video. I do seem to be ‘stumbling’ myself trying to work this comment part!

  5. Marj Sweet

    Wow! What a cool place! We have some of that tequila!! Did you like it? It’s an acquired taste! Love the photos and vids! And the descriptions. So nice of all these people to take you around!

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