July 18

July 18

This morning I woke up thinking that we didn’t have any plans, but Pedro told me that we were going to Guanajuato.

After eating and getting ready, we drove to Pedro’s Dad’s store. He owns a company that sells and installs things to doing with irrigation and pools/pumps. We waited there for a bit until his dad was ready, and then we headed out.

Pedro said that he had to make a few stops for work on the way. The first stop took us down a long dirt road, with several puddles and potholes. We spent about 20 minutes on that road. When we got there, his Dad inspected the worksite or something for 5-10 minutes. Back on the dirt road, and then onto the highway. A short while later, we got off the highway, and headed on another dirt road, this time only for a few minutes. I believe this time, he was surveying a client’s property for a pool installation.

These stops were on the way to Guanajuato. We finally arrived, and spent a while sitting in traffic. I had been here last time, but I didn’t notice, until now, how many tunnels this city has. There were tons of them, like a maze underneath the city. Some of them don’t have any lighting either, which you can see in the video below.


For one reason or another, after driving around for a bit, Pedro said that we had to go back to Irapuato. I’m not sure why, I think the Dad had to get back for work or something, maybe he forgot or had a last minute meeting scheduled. I don’t know. But we didn’t even get out of the car in Guanajuato…

Got back to Irapuato and went out for lunch. After we ate, Pedro said he was going with his friend to the store, they were getting stuff for a get-together this week. I told him I would rather go home, so I went home with his Mom. His Mom dropped me off, but had to go back to the family store for a bit, so I went in the pool for a while.

Spent a bit of time in there, and then showered off. I went back outside to the covered patio, and used my computer there. I then noticed their rabbit hopping around, which I had forgotten they had. I had also forgotten, that their little dog likes to chase it around the backyard. The dog only seems to chase it when people are outside. When everyone is in the house, they get along fine.

So the dog chased it for a while, and I tried to get him to stop. Actually, I was more interested in grabbing the rabbit. Nobody was home at this point, by the way. I eventually was able to pick up the bunny, saving it from the little dog. I held it for a few minutes, and then put it on the table on the patio. It was content sitting there, and had no intention of running away, mostly because the dog was jumping at the table, trying to get up.

Pedro came home shortly after, and was surprised that I was able to capture it. He went inside, and got me an apple to feed it. So I began cutting the apple, and feeding the rabbit little pieces. A short time later, Pedro’s Mom drove in. As she pulled into the driveway, I saw her stop, look over, and drop her jaw. She was in disbelief that I was able to pick it up, get it to stay on the table, and was somehow able to hand-feed it, without it trying to run away.


After feeding it for a bit, I went over to visit with Pedro’s cousins for a couple of hours.

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  1. Phyllis

    LOVE the rabbit. That’s so interesting how it took to you! So sweet. Tunnels interesting too. Hope all is well. Strange that you drove to that town for no reason. I’m home now.

  2. Donna Phillips

    Too bad about the trip! How disappointing! I don’t understand why they can’t explain to you what is happening. That would be confusing. What a cute rabbit!! Nice that you got to hold him. Weren’t you afraid he’d poop on you? I bet that dog terrorizes him. Funny about the mom’s reaction!! Sorry you had a boring day.

  3. Kameyo Melina


    And I’m sure you know by now how common it is to change plans at the last minute, forget things, turn back, and that nothing ever goes as planned. Drove me crazy.

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