July 19

July 19

Didn’t do much until around 3:30, when we went to the country club across the street from Pedro’s house. We met with some of his friends, maybe 14 or so. We had a BBQ, and some people swam in the pool.

I got bored after a while, and came home before Pedro. I had gotten a few mosquito bites while there, so his Mom gave me some lotion for them. I went out to the backyard and found the rabbit. I again saved it from the dog, who began chasing it as soon as I came outside.

As you probably remember from yesterday, I cut up an apple into small slivers for her to eat. She only ate about a quarter of the apple while I was there, so I took all the extra slivers and left them in a pile on the grass yesterday evening. When I went out this morning, they were all gone. Talk about a heavy eater! She lives outside in the backyard, which has lots of room and places for her to run around. Here is a cute video of her sitting.


As I also mentioned yesterday, they do get along. Here is a picture Pedro’s Mom took. (Not sure when it was)

In the evening, we went to the Cafe where “The Manager” works. If you followed my website last trip, you’ll remember exactly who I’m referring to. If you don’t recall, or weren’t following last time for some mind-boggling reason, I’ll brief you on him. His name is Toño (pronounced Tone-Yo), and every time Pedro’s family goes to the cafe/restaurant, he pulls up a chair, and talks everyone’s ears off.  Even if there aren’t enough chairs at the table for him, he’ll grab one from a nearby table, and drag it over. He completely ignores the goings-on of his restaurant, and socializes. The funny thing is, he only really does it with Pedro’s family.
Last time, he sat with us from the moment we ordered, until we payed the bill. Pedro’s Dad told me, “We come here an average of once a week, and over the past five years, he has only once given us anything for free.”

Unfortunately, or fortunately for us, Toño was not in tonight, so we enjoyed a peaceful meal. I had some panini style thing, with some kind of cold chai beverage. Everything was great.

When we got home, I thought I would say goodnight to my newest friend, the rabbit. (Conejo in Spanish)

Held and sat with her for a bit, leaving my black shirt covered in bunny hair afterwards.


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  1. riley312p

    Donna-Bunny is great. Food is good too, can’t recall really. I’ve tried a few new things, but can’t remember off the top of my head. Maybe I could remember off the bottom of my head if I tried, but it’s late now, going to sleep.

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