July 21

July 21

Showed Santiago my DJ stuff in the morning, and then we went out to eat at the cafe with “The Manager”. He was in, but didn’t come to sit with us. He really only does that with Pedro’s parents, although I did see him standing and talking with several others. Had a delicious sandwich on baguette, and then came over to Pedro’s to swim.

I didn’t know until I arrived, but Pedro’s parents had actually invited some other family over as well as us. Swam for a while, and they ordered tacos to the house later on. I watched a movie, and stayed the night at Pedro’s with the cousins.

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  1. Donna Phillips

    What movie did you watch? Funny to stay over at Pedro’s when you just left there. Nice that his cousins family is hosting you. Did you know you were sleeping over? And why sleep over when they only live 10 minutes away?

  2. riley312p

    Donna-was surprised as well. Apparently they wanted to have a night away from home. Part of the reason for the short post, was that I fell asleep on my bed while writing it, and I awoke to a mosquito buzzing in my ear which had bitten me while sleeping. I spent a while trying to kill it, and I was too irritated to write anything else

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