July 22

July 22

Yesterday’s post was abnormally short.  Part of the reason was that I fell asleep on my bed while writing it, and I awoke to a mosquito buzzing in my ear, which had bitten me a few times while sleeping. I spent a while trying to kill it, and I was too irritated to write anything else. I didn’t get to sleep until after 5am! I ended up sleeping in until 11.

Didn’t do much today. Watched a movie after breakfast, and then went back to the cousins’ house.

We ate on the patio outside in the afternoon, and spent a while talking. For dessert, we had fresh, homemade brownies and some kind of ice cream, that I think their Mom made using ice in a blender.

Went upstairs and played Uno for a bit! It’s been a while since I played that, but it was fun. It was most fun when I was the winner though.

Watched another movie in the evening. I didn’t realize how many movies they watch here! I don’t mind it though, it’s nice to have a day or two of relaxing. I am fine not always being on the go.

I should give a reminder, that the meal times here are quite different from the times at home. Breakfast can be really at any time of the morning, which is the same at home. Lunch at home would be around noon or so, but here, they combine lunch & dinner into a large meal around 3pm. They then have a lighter meal in the evening. The evening meal time can also vary, depending on when you ate, or how much was eaten in the afternoon. Tonight, we had a baguette sandwich, biscuit, and some fruit around 9:45.

Going to Guadalajara tomorrow morning, the bus leaves at 7:45! It was either a morning bus, or a late evening one.


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  1. barb hallstrom

    safe journey riley, glad your having a good time, sounds like pedros parents were very nice. and I can,t believe a rabbit and dog sit together. looking forward to your next stop.

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