July 23

July 23

Up bright and early, just after 6. The sun doesn’t rise here until around 7, so it was still dark when I got up.

Left just after 7, and got on the 7:45 bus to Guadalajara, with only about 4 others aboard. The bus had one stop in Leon, before heading to Guadalajara (GDL). It was just over an hour from Irapuato to Leon, and I fell asleep just before we arrived. It was three hours from Leon to GDL, and I woke up just as we were pulling into the city. I looked around the bus and was surprised how full it was! I was thinking, “When did all these people get on?”

I was heading to my friend Elias’ house, but nobody was going to be home, so I took an Uber to his Dad’s work, and was there for about an hour while he finished up his work. After that, he drove me to their house, and we ate around three. Elias and I watched a movie after, and his Dad had to go back to work. He owns some kind of investment/insurance type company. Elias was an international student in Canada who stayed with us. I had lunch with them last time I came here, but this is the first time I’ve stayed with them.

Elias and I went out on bikes to a nearby park. Parque Metropolitano (Metropolitan Park) is a large park just down the street from his house. There was a lot of riding on dirt roads, uneven surfaces, etc. The bike wasn’t the most comfortable for me, as the front part was a bit to low for my liking.


Came home, relaxed, ate, and watched a movie.

Yes, I know all it sounds like I do is watch movies. It’s strange, as I don’t watch that many at home. Part of is that people are here on vacation from school, etc., so some like to relax at home a bit more.

Lots of laughs here so far, and more fun to be had over the next few days.



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