July 24

July 24

I forgot to mention, that I have visited Guadalajara before, but only for a few hours. I came here for a day trip last year, so it’s nice to spend some time here now.

Didn’t do much until around 2:30. I met with a friend whom I only met briefly while she was an international student in Canada, Pedro (the friend I was with last week) introduced us. Natalia & her Dad picked me up from where I am staying, and dropped us off at the mall.

We were going to meet a few of her friends to eat, but we were early, so walked around the mall for a while. I visited this mall the last time I was here, but only briefly. And when I say briefly, I mean briefly; for less than 20 minutes. I have fond memories of being lost in the parkade, desperately trying to find my way out. I think I was trying to cut through the mall, so I could get to a restaurant on the other side. It proved to be more difficult than it appeared on google maps. Security eventually found me in the stairwell, quivering in the fetal position. Or maybe I eventually made it to the restaurant, can’t remember for sure. But luckily this time I was with someone who knew the mall better than I did, and we didn’t end up in the parkade.

We looked at the menus of a few different places (there is a stretch of outdoor restaurants attached to the mall), and decided on one. We waited for her friends, whom were all 20-30 minutes late. Apparently being late is common if you’re Mexican, or if you’re my Mom.

After we waited for a while, Juan-Pablo R. & his girlfriend showed up. Shortly after, Vero (Veronica) straggled in. Juan-Pablo & Vero both were international students in my city a few months ago, but I had never met them before. We spent a while there, eating and talking. As we were paying the bill, our server said something along the lines of “I know at some restaurants the tip is included on the bill, but not here. 10% will be around 100 pesos”. He even stood there while we were gathering the tip. I couldn’t believe that he would ask that! Walked around the mall for a bit more, Vero was looking for a birthday gift for her Dad. I think she ended up getting him two shirts that I didn’t approve of, and then we sat in a coffee shop for a bit.

Came home and watched a movie! Wow, what a surprise, a movie! It was Ride Along 2, starring Ice Cube & Kevin Hart.


Where I am staying


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  1. Donna Phillips

    Love the house!! And I’m not always late! Is it JP that you went skiing with? Nice photo of the group. It probably said on the menu that tip is not included. You should know to tip since we do it here. It was brave of the waiter. I wanted to do that yesterday on my job. Ask for the tip. I didn’t though.

  2. Phyllis

    That was one of your funniest lol. So glad you’re socializing as well as movies. The group photo is so nice. You are so brave… taking Ubers & getting around. No more shortcuts or getting lost haha. Your mom.. always late. 😄

  3. riley312p

    I don’t really want to call it mall food, because it makes it sound like a food court. I guess I can call it “nice restaurants that were attached to the mall”. There were different options, seafood, mexican, pizza, more american.

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