July 25

July 25

In the early afternoon, Elias, his Mom, sister, and I, went to Tlaquepaque (T-law-kaye-paw-kaye). It is around a half hour or so from their home. It is a popular area, and everyone I have asked speaks highly about it. The first thing I saw upon arriving, was this tiny chair.


It was strange for something to actually make me look small!

The next thing I wanted a picture was with the town sign. Most places have these in Mexico, especially the cities which attract tourists. I noticed that all the people before us taking a picture with it were leaning on the purple E, which I thought was stupid. The four or five people before us all took a picture in the exact same pose. So since I like to do my own thing, I went to the opposite side, and took a seat on the L.


We went for something to eat shortly after we got there. The place we went to was one that their family goes to often if they go to Tlaquepaque. I can’t recall the name, but it was a nice, open air restaurant, serving up Mexican food.

The server offered me a menu in English, and then proceeded to also ask the other three at my table if they would also like an english menu. He actually had to go get Spanish menu’s when he realized they were locals.

I wanted some grilled fish dish, served in a chilli-sauce. But I was told that they didn’t have that. He recommended two other dishes, one of which I selected. He was explaining both of the dishes, but I wasn’t entirely sure what he saying. Luckily, the salmon dish I got ended up being good. There were two musicians playing live music throughout our visit. One on the piano, another on the bongos or similar. We all clapped after every song. For dessert, I wanted the lava-cake, but was told “Perdon, no tengo”, which translates to “Sorry, I don’t have that.” Two for two today! We all ended up splitting some crepe dish, which was alright.

Walked around the town, and stopped in several shops. The first one was like a vintage boutique. No, it wasn’t my choice to stop there.


On the way out, I noticed this sign, which I didn’t see on the way in, not that it would have changed anything. I had already gotten a handful of pictures and video.

Here’s another store we stopped at


It was sunny and around 33 today, which made it hot to walk around. Some places had misters on the side of the buildings and patios, in an effort for people to cool off.

There were two large churches in the city centre, which we looked at for a few minutes.


When we got home, I showed Elias my DJ stuff (that has sure been a hit this trip), and then we had dinner and watched a movie. The Boss, starring Melissa McCarthy. Had to cover my mouth a few times so I wouldn’t laugh so loud, as a few upstairs were going to bed.

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  1. Donna Phillips

    I like so many things in this post. The uniqueness of your photo with the city sign, the beautiful vintage shop that I would have loved, and the gorgeous church. No inside photo of the pipes this time? I can picture you enjoying the movie “quietly “! Miss you.

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