July 26

July 26

Packed up my things after breakfast, as I was moving houses. That entailed me and Elias, dragging a futon couch up a narrow, winding set of stairs. We had brought it downstairs for me to sleep on a few days ago, but it belongs upstairs. After him and I struggled with that up the stairs, I got ready to leave. I ordered an Uber to come to the house, and took it to the bus station in Guadalajara.

I told Andrés O, who lives in Morelia, that I would be arriving on the 28th. A few plans changed, and I had been considering surprising him, so decided to go for it. The only person I told was his Mom, and she said she would pick me up at the bus station. It was a 3.5 hour ride, on another comfortable bus. It sure puts Greyhound (R.I.P.) to shame. They even gave me a drink, and a Krispy-Kreme donut as I boarded! I slept for the first hour, and then was awake for a while after. Just as I was starting to relax, and just dozing off, I was jarred awake by a loud noise, followed by a bunch of wind entering the coach. Somehow, the emergency exit on the roof had popped open, and had startled everyone. One man got up to try and close it, and got it most of the way shut, but it wouldn’t lock into place, so there was still some air coming through. He told the driver, but the driver thought it was fine I guess, as we kept going.

Got to the Morelia bus station, and met with Andrés’s Mom and Sister. They drove home, and said that Andrés should be upstairs in his room. I started recording as I entered the house, see video below for reaction.


Went to a party in the evening, and got home around 12:30.

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  1. Phyllis

    Imagining you carrying a futon. Hahaha. The bus may be much more comfy but can’t imagine the roof flying open on a Greyhound & the driver unconcerned! But the houses you stay in are gorgeous!! You are a very spoiled guest!! So happy you are having fun. How was the party? When do you come home?

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