July 27

July 27

Pancakes for breakfast, and then Andrés went to the doctor while I stayed home. He sprained his ankle yesterday playing soccer. While he was gone, I used my computer and listened to music outside on the patio. We went to the bus station in the afternoon to pick up Pedro (whom I was with in Irapuato). He knows Andrés & I, and is staying with us for a few days.

I have been bugging Andrés about me wanting to drive one of his Dad’s cars. It’s a BMW Z3, manual. Andrés has only driven it once. While we were eating, he asked his Dad if he would let me, and he said that if I washed it first, I could. After we finished eating, his Dad walked to the garage, and started it up. Looks like I am getting out of washing it!

It’s only a two-seater, so I got in the driver’s seat, and Andrés went shotgun. His Dad & Pedro followed behind in another car, just to make sure I didn’t crash his beloved beamer. I had only driven standard previously for a combined 30 minutes or so, and I only stalled three times today! Once was just leaving the driveway, and the other two were when I was attempting to navigate the low-clearance car over two high objects (speedbumps). I got into third, maybe even fourth gear, but could have done fifth if I wasn’t being watched. We drove around the gated community, which is quite large, and has many places to drive, away from all the houses.

At the end of the drive (which lasted around 30 minutes), Andrés told his Dad that I didn’t have much experience with the manual transmission, and asked what he thought. Apparently, his Dad thought that my car at home was standard, and said he probably wouldn’t have let me drive his if he knew that I wasn’t fluent with the stick-shift. Luckily, he found out after, and I enjoyed my ride.


Around 5:30, we headed to the other side of Morelia for a soccer game. Their team is called the Morelia Monarcas, and tonight was their season-opener. We sat front row in the VIP section, which had a nice view. The DJ in the stadium was someone Andrés knew, and I met him the day before at the party we went to. Andrés was able to text him a few of my song requests, only to have them played a few minutes later. Went upstairs to see him after the game was over. He was good, but I probably could have done better. We won 3-1.


After the game, we went to a restaurant/bar, and sat out on the patio/balcony for a bit.

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  1. Auntie Merrill

    Haha Donna! It’s like you are a celebrity there. All the VIP service. And amazing you faked knowing a standard. Must have been really fun. I bet it reminded you of the good old days when you and I bombed around in my black Miata!

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