July 28

July 28

Didn’t do a lot today. I rode around the neighbourhood for a bit on an electric motorbike that Andrés has, which is kind of gutless while going up hills, but can pick up a lot of speed on the downhill.

In the evening, Andrés, his sister, cousin, Pedro, and I, went to the downtown part of Morelia. We gathered with tons of other people, outside of the main cathedral. I’m not sure of the occasion for it, but there was a fireworks show. It was a bit different than a fireworks show from home, but it looked nice.

After battling large crowds getting back to the car, we went for Tacos, and then to a party down the street from where I’m staying. It wasn’t very good, so we didn’t stay long. We regretted going out for dinner, as we could have enjoyed free tacos at the party! What a waste of 50 pesos! Although it felt good to only spend $3.50 CAD on a meal.


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