July 30

July 30

I will use initials for this post, so people don’t become confused. Reminder: I am staying with Andrés O.

Up and out of the house by 10:30, we were going to my favourite restaurant in Morelia, Localito. It is an organic restaurant in the upper part of the city. We picked up a friend of Andrés O. on the way, who lives near to where we were going.

I got a sandwich, smoothie, and a side salad which I didn’t ask for. Everything was great, and after we finished, I noticed that the restaurant had a trampoline outside. I couldn’t let a perfectly good trampoline go to waste, so I jumped on with the friend Andrés O. had brought. She and I were the only two on it, as Andrés O. has a sprained ankle, and Pedro didn’t want to. I only spent a few minutes on it, but it reminded me of my childhood, mainly of the time when my parents told me that we were getting rid of our trampoline from the backyard.


Andrés O. dropped me off at a mall, where I would meet my friend Anton A. I went with Anton to pick up his girlfriend, and then the three of us headed to a place I can’t remember the name of. It’s hard to explain. but inside there was a circular bar in the middle for drinks, and tables and chairs around the restaurant. For food, there were different places that you could order from. It was almost like a mall food-court, but restaurant quality. I had just ate, so I only had a drink.

After that, we went to a seafood restaurant. We spent a while there, eating and talking. This place was right next to Aqueduct. Here is a picture I got of it last trip.


Many years ago, the top of it was used to transport water, from one end of the city to the other, where the farming and fields were. It runs through the city, for several kilometres. For more info, you can google it.

Next stop was a small popsicle place. There were many flavours, some water based, and some made from cream. I had the chocolate kind, and we sat in the small courtyard out back.

Anton & I


Finished our dessert, and then he took me to his house. I was supposed to meet him and his brother, Andrés A., in the morning, but I think that Anton didn’t want to bring him or something. We decided that we would just split it into two separate visits, so I said goodbye to Anton, and then went out with Andrés A.

We went and walked around a nearby mall for a bit, and then met up with Santiago, whom we both know. I met him last time, and as well as briefly in Canada. We went to the cinema and saw the movie The First Purge. The Spanish title is 12 horas para Sobrevivir which translates to “12 hours to survive”. They usually translate the movie titles here, sometimes losing the meaning of the original title.

When the movie finished, the three of us went over to Chava’s house. That isn’t his real name, and I’m not sure how he got it, but it’s what everyone calls him here. He goes to school with Santiago & Andrés A., and I met him last time, and briefly in Canada as well, so we all know him. We went over unannounced, and caught him playing video games. We talked for a while, and him and Santiago tried to beat each other on the Fifa soccer game.

Santi, Me, Chava, Andrés A. – and no, we didn’t play chess.


This one features a friendly husky dog who was shaking his head as we took the photo.


Came back home to Andrés O’s house, and packed up for tomorrow. I am tagging along on their family trip to Ixtapa! It is a beach destination, where I spent a few days last year.

To everyone at home who is sweating while reading this, just know that it was a comfortable sunny and 25 degrees or so here today. I heard that at home was around 36.5, and got up to 39.5 in Chilliwack!

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  1. Donna Phillips

    I cannot believe the number of people you know and are spending time with!!! I had no idea you knew so many Mexicans! Lol. That lunch from the organic place looks delicious! Have fun in Ixtapa!! Miss you lots!

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