Aug 1

Aug 1

First day of August! I went to sleep the latest, but was awake the earliest out of Pedro, Andrés, & I. Maybe it was all that sleeping in the car yesterday. Had breakfast, and then went out on the boat just after noon. We drove for a bit in search of a jet-ski for rent. Spent a while trying to find one, we needed one that we could use to tow a floating thing behind for tubing. We would ride near the shore until we spotted one sitting on the beach, and then the captain of our boat would wave one over to discuss pricing, etc. Eventually found one, dropped our anchor, and hooked the tube thing up to it.

Andrés got on, and pulled his sister and cousin behind for a bit. Next it was time for Pedro & I to get in. Andrés pulled us around for a few minutes, and then somehow broke the rope that connects our tube to the jet-ski. I think it may have just come un-done from where it was connected, maybe the rope wasn’t actually severed.

Andrés left us in our tube, floating in the middle of the water, and rode back to the boat, where the jet-ski owner was waiting while we used it. He brought him over to fix the rope, and then we went back to the boat to drop him off. I told Andrés I would like a turn driving, and so we switched. It was my first time driving one, and guy who rented it to us gave me a quick lesson. We had only rented it for half an hour, so I only drove it for 10-15 minutes, but it was great. Relaxed on the front of the boat on the way back, and got home around 3, just in time for lunch.

During lunch, Andrés’ Mom asked me, “You have a license to drive a jet-ski, right?” My response was “No, why?”

Well, apparently you have to have a license to drive one. If they knew I didn’t, I wouldn’t have got to drive one. Good thing it was asked later!

After lunch, some of us played Rummy, a game that I learned when we played yesterday. We play it at the kitchen table, and you have to use tiles with numbers on them, to form different combination and patterns. It can be quite hard. Played that for a bit, and then played Uno! I was not thrilled when I had to pick up 8 cards, although I did end up winning one of the rounds.

Went in the pool after the card game, and must have been in there for about 2 hours. I was in there for a while after everyone had gotten out, floating around on some mesh-floaty that you lay in. It’s nice that it’s so warm here, as you aren’t shivering after getting out of the water.

Went to an Italian restaurant in the evening.

Low to mid 30’s today, and it was still 29 degrees at 10pm! Sun most of the day, light showers in afternoon, and a bit of lightning in the evening.

Didn’t get any pictures of the jet-ski or tubing, so don’t comment saying that you wish I would post some. (Mom)


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  1. Auntie Merrill

    OMG! Everything sounds like so much fun. You are getting to experience so many things – illegally!!! Haha. You must have been a prune after 2 hours. Hard for me to imagine feeling warm after all that time. Good for you! What a holiday!

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