Aug 2

Aug 2

Didn’t do much until around 2, when I went swimming. All of us went for lunch around 4, to a seafood restaurant. Everyone’s food came at different times. They would bring someones food out, and then there would be about five minutes until someone else got their food. Daniella (sister of Andrés) was the third-to-last to get her food. After that, there was about ten or fifteen minutes until mine came out. It finally arrived, soup in a bread bowl. Andrés was the first to get his food, and his cousin was the last. After mine, there were a few more mintutes until her dish arrived.

A few bites in, she called the server over, as her fish was cold! Took another ten minutes for them to make it right.


When we got home, we played the tile game from yesterday, as well as Uno.

Swam in the evening in the pool. I waited forever for the neighbour to get out with her two little kids.


Since this was not the most interesting read, I’ll pull a story out of my hat. You may remember, a few days ago in Pátzcuaro, I mentioned that there was a stage set up in the middle of town for Cantoya fest, the Chinese Lantern festival. As we were leaving, there was a band playing classic rock songs in English! Here’s a video I got of Billy Idol-Rebel Yell. And yes, it sounded much better in person.






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  1. Donna Phillips

    That was odd that the food didn’t come at the same time. Did the parents complain? The band was pretty good. No boating? 61 views of this page! Holy!

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