Aug 4

Aug 4

Had to wake up slightly earlier than usual, as we were packing up and heading back to Morelia. We had breakfast, got ready, and managed to be out of the house by 10:30. We had actually aimed for 11!

I guess it was 3-1/2 hours or so back to Morelia, and we stopped at a place for tacos before heading home.

Andrés took Pedro to the bus a bit after we got home, and I rode the electric bike around the neighbourhood while they were gone.

Andrés was having a party at his house in the evening, so he was setting up for that when he got home. I think it was a goodbye party for someone, as well as an end of vacation party. There were about 100-200 people there I think.

Mocktae (short for something) is one of the people who works at the house. I would say he is the handyman, as he does everything from oil changes, to changing light bulbs. He usually only works during the day, so I was quite surprised when I went downstairs and saw him at the party. Apparently he was hired for the evening to provide security services, which was kind of comical, as he is about a foot shorter than me. He was standing next to a small wooden gate, with a list in hand, admitting those who’s names were on it.

I stayed for a little bit, but then I went out with Anton A. The taco place we were going to go to ended up being closed, so instead we went somewhere else. He asked me to type the name of a burger place into google maps on his phone, and it came right up. I assumed, that since it was on google, we were going to a restaurant. When we arrived, what I thought was going to be a restaurant turned out to be a small food cart, parked just off of the sidewalk. I thought it was hilarious, that in a quieter part of the city, there was this food cart which has a permanent location on google, and a number of people gathered around.

We ate standing next to the cart, and then went to a place similar to the one he took me last time, a bar in the middle, with food and such around the perimeter. Here is what it looked like.



I got home around 12, but the party continued until nearly 1:30.

I fell asleep while writing this post, which is why it was posted a bit late.

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  1. Donna Phillips

    Funny about the burger place on google! Can’t believe Andrés has such big parties!! Was there food and drinks? What is in your hand in the photo with Anton?

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