Aug 5

Aug 5

Another early rise this morning, out of the house by 10, and at the bus station for my 10:30 bus to Guadalajara. You might be thinking, “Wasn’t he just there a few weeks ago?” If you are one of the people who are thinking that, you would be correct. I came back to see Juan Pablo D. (JP) who was away while I was here last time.

I was a few seats back from the back on the top floor of the double-decker bus. This one had a roof, unlike the tour bus I took in Mexico City. Less than 15 minutes after leaving the bus station, I witness the tail end of a motor vehicle accident. Our driver hit the brakes, and I looked out the window just in time to see a 1989 Dodge Caravan spin around 180 degrees. Not letting that be a blemish on our journey, we continued on. We pulled over a short while later, maybe the driver had to note something, or maybe there was completely different issue that I didn’t know about.

JP told me that he had been with some family friends, and wouldn’t be there in time to pick me up from the bus station, but that his parents would be there waiting for me. I had never met them before, and had no way of contacting them. All I had was a family photo that he had sent me, so I could see who to look for. Luckily, when I arrived, I noticed his brother and Dad right away.

It wasn’t long after we arrived home, that JP showed up. Talked for a bit, and then all of us went out for lunch. He has a sister and a brother, both older than he is. Went somewhere else for dessert after, and then over to his Grandma’s house. Stayed there for a bit visiting, and then JP’s Dad took me, JP, and his brother to a bowling alley, as we were getting bored. The lady at the counter told us that there was a six-game wait, as all of the lanes were full. We then decided that we were going to play pool instead, but the lady then crushed those dreams, as you have to be over 18 to play. Me and Oscar (JP’s brother) would have been fine, but JP doesn’t quite meet the age requirement to play. We decided to waited at a table for our name to be called to bowl.

After a bit of sitting, we went over to a basketball machine they had there. It is like an arcade game, where it gives you a few balls to throw, and the hoop moves sometimes. We played a few rounds, trying to beat the high score on the machine, but the three of us couldn’t manage to get it. The high score was 356 or something. There were two basketball machines next to each other, so we thought of a good way to beat the high score, by cheating of course. We reached through the cage on the machine and managed to pilfer all of the basketballs from the machine on the left, transferring them to the one on the right. This gave us double the amount of balls to throw, cutting down greatly on the time it takes them to roll back down for us to throw. We tried and tried, and we were able to set a new high score on the machine. I think we got to 360 or just above that.

As we were just about to leave, they called our name to bowl, but we didn’t go, as we had already asked JP’s Dad to come get us. Two Seinfeld clips came to mind while I was here, the first one was of the Chinese restaurant episode, and the other was of the frogger machine. Both clips are below for your reference. The first one may not make sense if you haven’t seen the episode.

Went to the movies in the evening to see Tom Cruise star in Mission Impossible. It was a good film, just a few parts seemed a tad far fetched.

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