July 13

July 13

And we’re off! Up and out the door around 4:30 AM, minimal sleep had during the night. Dad drove me to the airport, dropping me at the domestic terminal. The 1st leg of my journey is from YVR to YYZ [Toronto], with a 7 AM departure. Slept on and off from just after takeoff, to just before landing. It was just under a four-hour flight, as we made good time while airborne.

Arrived to Toronto, and began my 4 hour layover. Got some lunch, and sat on a stool at a long table, facing passengers who were walking through the airport. An older lady, by the name Sherry, stopped and put her drink down across from me. I thought she said that she just had to re-arrange what she was carrying, and she would only be there for a minute… 45 minutes later, she was still there. Ended up having a long conversation, mostly her telling me her life story, and about her daughter and family who live in New Brunswick. She was returning to Calgary after a few weeks with them. Showed me some pictures of them, and also was talking about how her and her daughter filmed a movie back in 2001. Even sold her piano to help fund it! She then proceeded to show me videos of local news outlets interviewing her daughter about the film. Eventually, she went on her way, and then I transferred over to the International terminal, and found the gate for the second part of my journey. YYZ to MAD [Madrid]. This flight is actually going to be on the exact same plane which I was on earlier today.

Am going to write each post in the local time & date, depending on where I am. Since I arrive around 7 AM Sunday, Madrid time, that will be part of the next post. Today was just a travel day, hence the lack-luster post. Hopefully the next one will be more interesting.



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  1. Phyllis

    Oh my dear Riley. I feel terrible I am so out of the loop I did not even know you were going. No idea of your itinerary or length of stay. All alone? You are so brave. Loved your 1st text. Sending wishes for the best holiday yet. Love you💗

  2. Mom

    Nice that you had that chat with the woman. Sounded interesting and probably made her day. Can’t believe she sold her piano to find a movie. Wonder what it was called.

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