July 15

July 15

Asleep till nearly 11, slow start to the day. Breakfast was enjoyed on the patio, consisting of cereal [not from the Hunters]. Out the door and walking by quarter to two. Headed for the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the home field of Real Madrid [the local soccer team]. This stadium is of substantial size, with a seating capacity of more than 80,000 people. Tickets for the tour [self guided] came to about 25 Euros each [36 CAD], but we were there for roughly 3 hours, so the price gouge was slightly diminished.

Nico has apparently done this tour 4 times previous, but really wanted to show everything to me. We opted to go without the audio guide, as I was walking beside one already. We walked through many places of the stadium, the largest part being the Hall of Fame area. A lengthly corridor containing hundreds of trophies, memorabilia, video, etc. Ropes were set up to guide us in the direction to go, as well as security herding us along when required.

Here are the boots used in the early days of the team [1910-1930s], followed by the current ones.

Also saw things like the locker rooms, press room, and were able to walk down on the field, also getting to sit in the area where the players sit. They get to rest in comfy seats supplied by Audi.
Went for food after that, then home for a nap. Nico only wanted to rest for 30-60 minutes, and said he would set an alarm. Over three hours later, we woke up and went out for the night. Went to the city centre [Puerta Del Sol] Which means Gate of the Sun. Many people were here, an some had formed a large circle around a few dancers, one impersonating Michael Jackson.

After watching the performance, and touring around a little more, we headed to a rooftop hangout area. There is a restaurant and bar at the top, but we just went up to look out. Looking out cost me four Euros [around 6 CAD], and we were there for about a half hour. It was pretty breezy up there.

View from the top:

Went and had a dessert somewhere else before taking the Metro home, which Nico isn’t proficient in. Many stops and connections to be aware of it seems. Arrived home at the exact time as his Aunt & Uncle [around 2 AM].
A few things I have noticed so far. The kind of Spanish used here is slightly different than the kind used in Mexico, and it’s been a bit harder to understand menus here, because of that.
I also have yet to see one of these here. Water fountains! At home, they are placed all over – buildings, outdoors, etc. There were none in the stadium, or anywhere else that I could see. They also don’t really serve glasses of water in restaurants here. They give you a [glass] bottle of it, which of course costs a Euro or two.
Jumping over to where we are staying, here is the picture of the interior which I promised.

Another full-ish day here tomorrow, taking the train to Zaragoza [where Nico lives] tomorrow evening.

For those wondering, the time difference is 9 hours ahead of Vancouver time.

Weather was low to mid 30’s, with it staying warm again into the evening.

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  1. Phyllis

    Isn’t it so exciting? I think you meant herding. Loved the photo from the rooftop, & the one of the MJdancer. The home is beautifully decorated for sure. I’m anxious for you to get to Nico’s home. Surprised that an aunt & uncle are out until 2AM!!! Hope you sleep well, it’s like Mexico where you slept in late every day then had a long afternoon nap! Love you

  2. Shirley

    Wonderful blogs and photos. I always enjoy reading them and like hearing things about where you are that are different. Glad you are having fun. Sending love to you.

  3. Mom

    Great info here!! The stadium sounds so interesting and I love the rooftop photo of the city!! Thanks for the photo of the interior of the house. Looks nice. Are you sleeping on the couch? Do you feel jet lagged?

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