July 16

July 16

Was told to be ready to go by 10:30, as we had a lot to see. I showered and was ready to go just before then. At 10:30, Nico’s alarm went off, and shortly after that, he got out of bed. Didn’t leave until nearly 12.

We had given our luggage to Nico’s aunt, who would keep it in her car, and then pick us up later in the evening and take us to the train station. She had left for work with our bags by the time we awoke, but we still had our backpacks, for things we would use in the morning. We took those to her office, which was a struggle to find. Rented a Lime scooter again, two on one with me driving [against Nico’s wishes] until we found a second one for him to use. Dropped the bags off, and then walked to Cereal Hunters again, taking in some sights along the way. Got there at about 1 PM.

Walked to the Metro, and took that to a different part of the city for some shopping. Looked at some stores, and got some local shoes. Spent quite a bit of time doing that, walking, looking at stuff, etc. Had lunch around 5 PM. The fries I had with my meal were made from potatoes grown from Spain, and I guess they did taste a little different.

Toward the tail end of our time there, his friend Aris came to say hello to him. They studied together in Canada, apparently I met, or saw him once as well too. He went around with us for a bit after, showed us a building where we could go upstairs to an area with stores and restaurants to look out at the city. The ones with the big screen is a big movie theatre.

Walked somewhere to meet Nico’s aunt, so she could take us to the train. Said goodbye to Aris, and got in the car for the 5 minute drive.

Not sure if this is the main train station for the city or not. Our bags were x-rayed, and we waited in line to head down to board the train. Once on board, the area to stow the luggage at the front of the car had space in it, but mine was slightly larger than the others, and stuck out a bit into the walkway. Meh.

We sat together, after someone else offered/asked to switch to Nico’s single seat. We both slept for most of the journey, but I observed that we got slightly upwards of 300 km/hr.

Greeted in Zaragoza by his Mom, Brother, and Grandpa. Grandpa came in his own car, and left after saying hello. I guess they hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks. Got home to his penthouse flat and had some dinner. Consisting of some potato omelette, bun, tomato, and Croquetas. Had that last one a few days ago, not sure what’s inside. Apparently it can range from a variety of things. Will be staying in the room of his brother, Jorge, which he was nice enough to lend me. Here is the view from the back terrace.

Another warm one – Sunny and 35 for most of the day.

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